Knowledge Thru Experience

Maine Natural Health was founded in 2006 by pharmaceutical and medical scientists who have decades of experience in the study of chronic disease. We have used this knowledge to design and develop neutraceuticals that have a positive effect on your health and well being.

SFH was founded in March 2010 as a separate division of Maine Natural Health dedicated to Sports Nutrition.  As of 2012, SFH is the official brand for all MNH products. SFH products are designed, formulated and produced in Warren, Maine. Our message has been consistent: The combination of a clean diet, exercise, along with clean supplementation (high strength fish oil and high quality protein) leads to long term health.

Livin’ SFH®

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Big Wave Surfer Nic Lamb

Nic Lamb is a fearless ocean athlete with a passion for charging big waves.

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SFH® products are designed to supplement clean diets and exercise programs. We focus on muscle development, energy generation, utilization, and factors that enhance recovery after exercise. Strong bodies are healthy bodies. SFH® is a company dedicated to impact everyday well-being and nutrition.


SFH® is a registered trademark and key brand for our US company that sells nutritional supplement products under the name SFH®. There is a company selling bogus products using our trademark SFH® out of Indonesia without permission that has no relationship to our US operations. These products are not Maine Natural Health® products. Do not order those products assuming that they are from our US company.