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Nic Lamb

Nic Lamb is a fearless ocean athlete with a passion for charging big waves. At 14 years old, he became the youngest surfer to ever charge Mavericks. The Santa Cruz native has grown up with Mavericks just around the corner, which has given him experience and practice in surfing waves of consequence. He understands the importance of health and proper nutrition to keep him safe and performing at his best. Nic is the youngest competitor on the World Surf League Big Wave Tour and currently sitting in 3rd.

  • 2014 - Punta Galea Challenge 1st place
  • 2014 - WSL Punta Galea Challenge 1st Place
  • 2016 - Titans Of Mavericks 1st place
  • 2017 - Punta Galea Challenge 1st Place

Tommy Hackenbruck

Father to two wonderful children, husband to an amazing wife, coach, gym owner and an athlete.

  • 2009 - 2nd Place in world
  • 2010 - 9th place in world
  • 2010 - Coached affiliate team to games
  • 2011 - 23rd place in world
  • 2011 - coached Taylor Richards-Lindsay 24th place in world
  • 2011 - coached affiliate team 9th place in world
  • 2012 - Affiliate Team member and coach, 1st SW Regional
  • 2012 - CrossFit Games 1st Place Team

Coach and member of 2013 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup 1st place team. Also coached another team to 16th place at Crossfit Games. Only gym ever to send 2 teams to the Crossfit Games


4th grade teacher for 10 years, Mother to a beautiful little girl, Vin.

2009 - SoCal Regionals 2nd place

2009 - Games - finished 244th place after placing 10th on the 7k run and being medically advised to withdraw from the competition after suffering heat stroke

2010 - SoCal Regional 2nd place, Games 3rd place.

2010 - Reebok sponsored Crossfit Athlete

2011 - SoCal open finished 101st place with a 14th place finish on the thruster pull-up workout at 6 months pregnant!!! (July 2011 gave birth to Vin)

2012 - Open 53rd place worldwide, 2012 Regional 14th worldwide/ 3rd SoCal, Games 5th place

2013 - Open 43rd place worldwide2013 3rd place at CrossFit Games


Nick currently resides in Truckee, California with his wife, Jessie, and their two boys, Samson and Jonas. Nick has a passion for food and fitness. He was exposed to CrossFit in 2008 when he worked as private chef for Lance Armstrong in Aspen, Colorado. He has since opened four CrossFit gyms and earned various CrossFit and coaching certifications. He runs his website, which features instructional cooking videos based on the Paleo Diet. When he's not teaching others about nutrition and cooking, you can find him trotting the globe on one of his Culinary Adventures.


Rob Darden bucks the trick-heavy trends of high-level Park competition, combining killer style, solid confidence and a conscientious use of the entire course to consistently finish high in the rankings. The Park bronze medalist from XG 2008 qualified for the Final in 2010 but had to forfeit his position when his knee popped out in practice. He underwent double knee reconstruction surgery late in 2010 and has worked through a long recovery to make it back to XG in 2011, hopefully for a return to the podium.


Melissa and Dallas first discovered Stronger Faster Healthier fish oil in 2009, at a small health food store in Brunswick, Maine. They were so impressed with the quality and the taste that they reached out to SFH and proposed a partnership—the rest is Omega-3 history.


Dallas grew up in British Columbia doing almost everything good Canadian boys should do: mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, and playing volleyball. (Alas, he never took up hockey.) His interest in making the world a better place converged with his interest in science in college, when he received a BS in Anatomy & Physiology from Andrews University in 2000, and an MS in Physical Therapy in 2001.


Rich Airey is a running and strength coach originally from Point Pleasant, NJ. As a CrossFit Endurance seminar instructor based in San Diego, CA, Rich travels the United States educating on running mechanics, strength and mobility as well as injury prevention and nutrition.