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Our Core Team

Dr. Jeff Leighton Chief Scientist

Dr Jeff Leighton is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Stronger Faster Healthier®. Jeff is a professional pharmacologist, applying biochemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, and functional genomics to the design of products that improve health. Jeff has discovered and developed many drugs for the pharmaceutical industry, where he served as Principal Scientist or V.P. of Pharmacology. He has also founded and served as CEO, CSO or Board member of numerous biotechnology companies.

Jeff believes that the best medicine is preventative medicine. In recent years, he has been designing and developing all natural products that give a positive benefit to general wellness. He believes that scientific rigor should be applied to the design all natural products. He leads in the application of Evidence Based Medicine to natural products and is conducting open label clinical trials to assess the value of these products in fitness and wellness.

Before his scientific accomplishments Jeff skipped high school and began his first career as a dancer with the New York Ballet. Dancing at this level demanded he be in top physical form. After college, he was commissioned as an Officer in USAF and served as Combat Commander for Flight and Missile Operations. He participated in Colonel Coppers 5 BX initial program and remains an advocate of running and basic exercise movements to stay fit.

Throughout his scientist career he enjoyed playing with the Metro League Soccer and remained close to dance. Now as a senior adult, Jeff enjoys running and working out with an increasing emphasis of CrossFit exercises.

Patricia Leighton Director

Patricia completed her undergraduate studies at Boston University in 2000, with a major in Economics and a minor in Business Administration. She then moved to NYC and held various positions within the Fashion Industry. In 2006, she left her position as National Sales Manager of Ben Sherman and moved to Switzerland to combine her passions (sports & nutrition) with her career while enjoying the Alps on foot, bike or board.

She graduated from Business School Lausanne (MBA) in 2008. Her management thesis focused on the development and expansion of Maine Natural Health® (the parent company of SFH® . While completing her MBA, and after, she consulted for various sporting goods companies gaining international experience. In 2009, she returned to the US and moved to Los Angeles. This transition led to her current position at Maine Natural Health® where she has global responsibility for all distribution channels and is responsible for launching the Sports / Fitness division - SFH®

From a young age, playing soccer at a competitive level, her love of sports was ingrained in her and she continues to look to challenge herself running marathons, on the mountain or most recently achieving new goals at CrossFit. The opportunity to stay close to sports while helping others with proper nutrition is the perfect blend for

Livin’ SFH®

“Paleo Nick” Culinary Ninja

“Paleo Nick” Massie is a gym owner, explorer, family man and professional culinary ninja. He is passionate about food and fitness and continues to explore the intersection of the two.

Welcome to the new you

SFH® products are designed to supplement clean diets and exercise programs. We focus on muscle development, energy generation, utilization, and factors that enhance recovery after exercise. Strong bodies are healthy bodies. SFH® is a company dedicated to impact everyday well-being and nutrition.


SFH® is a registered trademark and key brand for our US company that sells nutritional supplement products under the name SFH®. There is a company selling bogus products using our trademark SFH® out of Indonesia without permission that has no relationship to our US operations. These products are not Maine Natural Health® products. Do not order those products assuming that they are from our US company.