Meet the Crew

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  • Rob Darden


Bill Grundler

I'm a Dad, an athlete, a CALFIRE Fire Captain, a CrossFit Coach and a box owner (CrossFit Inferno). I have been an athlete since I was 5 years old wrestling and swimming.

SFH is helping me to achieve my goal which is a long lasting, healthy, active, badass life into the triple digits!

Corey Reed

Corey Reed currently resides in Southern California, where he was born and raised. Growing up, Corey participated in traditional competitive sports, playing baseball and waterpolo for his high school team. However, his passion always lay in action sports, due to the freedom and thrill it provided him. But nothing gave him as much of a thrill as snowboarding. He boarded with reckless abandon, taking trails that most would balk at. Free-riding, he forged his own trails, simply so that he could hear the incredibly piercing silence and experience the peaceful solitude that only a snow packed mountain could offer. And always eager for a thrill, he tested the limits in everything he did.

Melissa Hartwig

Melissa and Dallas first discovered Stronger Faster Healthier fish oil in 2009, at a small health food store in Brunswick, Maine. They were so impressed with the quality and the taste that they reached out to SFH and proposed a partnership—the rest is omega-3 history.

Dallas Hartwig

Dallas grew up in British Columbia doing almost everything good Canadian boys should do: mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, and playing volleyball. (Alas, he never took up hockey.) His interest in making the world a better place converged with his interest in science in college, when he received a BS in Anatomy & Physiology from Andrews University in 2000, and an MS in Physical Therapy in 2001.

Ingrid Kantola

Ingrid Kantola is a former UCLA Bruin pole vaulter, current coach, and event/facility director at CrossFit Central Downtown in Austin, Texas. She swept the events of the 2010 SoCal Sectional before illness and open heart surgery sidelined her for the year. Ingrid recovered quickly and qualified for the 2011 CrossFit Games South Central Regionals, and every Regional since. She has competed and won several regional level competitions in addition to taking second at the international SweatRX Competition in Canada.

Larisa Dannis

Upon discovering ultrarunning in 2009, I suddenly found my calling. Trail ultramarathons are still my passion and primary focus, but I did unexpectedly discover a love for road marathoning this past year. My long-term goal is to qualify for the 2016 Olympic marathon trials.

Rich Airey

Rich Airey is a running and strength coach originally from Point Pleasant, NJ. As a CrossFit Endurance seminar instructor based in San Diego, CA, Rich travels the United States educating on running mechanics, strength and mobility as well as injury prevention and nutrition.