Design of an Ideal (Effective) Post-Workout Recovery Product

October 4, 2017
There are a lot of supplements on the market that claim to be the best to help with post-workout recovery, but not all are created equal.

How do you design the ideal (and most effective) recovery product?

There are a lot of supplements on the market that claim to be the best to help with post-workout recovery, but not all are created equal. Many recovery products out there are comprised of protein with considerable sugar and carbohydrates, sometimes with homeopathic (and non-effective) amounts of other ingredients. When you look closely, most recovery products don’t have any additional supplementation, and are just high-priced protein powder.

At SFH, we do not and would not ever call something like this a recovery product. These are everyday proteins used after a workout masquerading as a recovery product. What benefit does a product like this have for you? The answer is very little.

Recovery products with just protein and high glycemic sugars and carbohydrates offer little advantage for recovery with the possible exception of a transient energy boost. The high glycemic nature of these products leads to excessive insulin release leading to a shut down of fat metabolism, which decreases ATP generation. Remember ATP is absolutely essential for cell health and for muscle synthesis. With these products, our bodies recover based on the sugar in the product and the conversion of the proteins to sugars through a process called gluconeogenesis. There is more negative than positive about this approach.

A good recovery product needs to:

  1. Control exercise-induced inflammation
    Inflammation causes pain and swelling and most importantly muscle degradation. The root cause of inflammation is high cytokine levels such as IL-6 and TNF-alpha. With insulin blocking fat metabolism, these cytokines induce muscle degradation to maintain energy levels. Simply put intense exercise can induce muscle degradation, so you need a recovery product to combat that! For more information on cytokine-induced muscle degradation, read here.
  2. Stimulate muscle synthesis not degradation.
    Muscle degradation can be turned into synthesis by energizing the cells to optimize ATP production and stimulation of mTor pathways. Without energy mTor pathways are not stimulated. Thus a good recovery product MUST optimize ATP generation by enhancing the rate of fat burning in the mitochondria. Stated differently, a good recovery product must increase the burning of fat which will generate 4-5 X the amount of ATP than the burning of a sugar molecule.
  3. Optimizing leucine to stimulate muscle synthesis
    Minimally SFH believes that 2.5 grams of leucine is needed to stimulate protein synthesis. A quality, non-denatured, whey protein concentrate contains by weight about 10% leucine. This “native” leucine should be optimized by adding additional leucine in the form of instantized leucine that has excellent absorption characteristics.

Effective, Best, Recovery, Post-workout, Protein, "A quality recovery product needs more than protein."

Targeted supplementation.  
At SFH we’ve long believed that a recovery protein needs to have more than just protein, which is why we have nearly 10 grams of targeted supplementation along with our protein. Our new RECOVER product improves on our current RECOVERY Product by:

  1. Minimizing exercise-induced inflammation and protecting our joints, in particular the knees, from exercise-induced degradation helping the body recover faster! The addition of Fruitex-B® means improvements of joint health may be seen in as little as 7 days.
  2. Optimizing ATP production for general cell health and to assist in muscle synthesis! Carnitine and ribose support cellular metabolism and help the body use fat as energy for better ATP production, which means recovery at a cellular level. Co-Q-10 acting at the level of the mitochondria increases the rate of ATP synthesis and at the same time protects the mitochondria from self induced oxidation.
  3. Optimizing the impact of leucine stimulating muscle synthesis so you become stronger with each workout.

SFH RECOVER is the evolution from RECOVERY. As a company backed by science it is important to us that as science evolves, we improve our products. Just as we were proud of RECOVERY, we are now excited to introduce the next generation, RECOVER.

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