Preparing for the Crossfit Games with Val Voboril

July 31, 2017
Not only is Val Voborilshe a teacher and a mom but she is a Crossfit legend.

Not only is Val Voborilshe a teacher and a mom but she is a Crossfit legend. Voboril could have skipped the California Regional and gone straight to Madison as a Masters athlete but she accepted the challenge to compete amongst the younger field. With her top 5 finish, Val secured her 6th trip to the Crossfit Games as an individual competitor. We caught up wth her before she headed north and Val gave us some insight into how she is preparing for the Games while balancing training and motherhood.

How has Games training differed from the rest of your year?
During the school year I train 1-1.5 hours 5days per week. Now that school is out for the summer I have been able to pick up my training and spend 2-3 hours 6days a week.

How has your training for the Games this year differed from previous years?
My focus has been on training with friends to keep it fun. Friends, community, and fun were what made me fall in love with crossfit, so I needed to go back to "my roots"

What does a typical day look like?
Breakfast, get myself and my kiddo ready for the day. Take her to camp. Use that 2-3 hour block she's at camp to train hard with friends. Pick up my kiddo. Eat. Go splash around in the pool, go to the beach, or play at home. Then hubby gets home and we do something together as a family, make dinner, and chill out.

How does mobility/recovery work factor into your training plan?
I have been trying to focus on warming up and cooling down better. I have also been using my PowerDot, Cryotherapy, and body work about once a week.

What are you doing outside the gym to help you prepare?
Steve, my hubby, and I went mountain biking last weekend. I have been swimming (pool, lake, ocean). We also have plans to hit some sand dune training (Sand Dune Park), and strong man exercises (at Brazil Strength).

After Regionals, was there anything you felt you needed to focus on to improve before the Games?
Ha! Everything! My biggest focus was to hit a strength cycle and to be more consistent with my barbell work.

What is the most fun part about Games training?
Training with friends, getting outside, having the summer off!

What motivates you every day during training? What are your goals for the Games?
To be the best version of myself while enjoying the experience of being faced with huge challenges.

Have you been doing anything to help you mentally prepare for the challenges at the Games?
Yes! I just started reading "The Obstacle in the Way" and "The Daily Stoic" as recommended by Scott McGee from the WodcastPodcast. Then Jamie Hagiya introduced my to Bob Fystro who does Mind Gym for mental preparation.

As workouts are announced, are you altering your training strategy?
Just taking advantage of using one day a week to "play" with announced skills.

What do you hope to see at the Games this year?
Gymnastics skills - I have been working hard with Duke VanVleet on my gymnastics skills.

What are you hoping doesn’t show up in the programming?
Heavy lifting!

How are you balancing training with the rest of you life?
By preparing each week with flexible schedules and prepared food and planned training partners and goals. I also make sure I have made plans for family fun too! This week we are going to a movie at the beach. Last night we made sand castles and walked on the beach for an hour.

What are you plans for after the Games?
We are going camping in Zion for a week of rest and to get ready for the school year.

Be sure to watch Val when she competes at the 2017 Reebok Crossfit Games in Madison this week. Competition kicks off on Thursday, August 3, and we will be sharing how she and the rest of the SFH ambassadors do.

Complement Your Detox Plan with an Offbeat Fitness Routine

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Fitness is the Freedom to Move Manifesto

May 30, 2017

Fitness isn’t what happens within the four walls of a gym. It isn’t hours of lifting weights, it isn’t hill sprints until you can’t walk anymore, it isn’t punishing your body for what you aren’t and what it can’t do.

Fitness is being able to do what you love, the ability to get out in the world and do the things you enjoy. It’s running after your kids after a long day at work, it’s hiking to see nature’s beauty that you can’t get to by car. Fitness is walking aimlessly for miles in a foreign city just to see how other people live. It’s a bike ride on the beach or carrying all the groceries inside in one trip.

Fitness is the freedom to move, to enjoy, to live. It’s climbing mountains to watch the sunrise. Use the work spent in the gym to take fitness out into the real world – test your fitness and use it to live a full life. Fitness is about celebrating what you can do and living your best life. Get up, get out, and start #LivinSFH

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