Why you should consider adding CoQ10 to your supplement arsenal

October 16, 2017
CoQ10 is a perfect 10 when it comes to overall wellbeing. When you learn how hard it is to get through food alone, you may want to consider supplementation.

"Coenzyme Q10 is among the most effective supplements for the body."

That might seem like a strong claim, but when you examine everything that CoQ10 helps to support throughout the body and how hard it is to get through food alone, you will begin to understand just how important supplementing CoQ10 is for the body’s long term wellbeing.

The most important thing to know about taking a CoQ10 supplement, or any supplement really, is that it is all about intake (the amount you ingest) and uptake (the amount you absorb). In large part, the amount you absorb is driven by the amount you ingest. Clinical data suggests that the threshold dose of CoQ10 for benefit is 250 mg/day. Anything less than 250 mg is just homeopathic (and ineffective). Be sure to read your labels when shopping for CoQ10. When you see dose strengths of less than 250 mg just remember that this dose will be of no benefit to you.

What are the main benefits of CoQ10? 
This molecule binds to the inner mitochondrial membrane and increases electron flux, i.e. it increases oxidation-reduction cycling and increases the rate of synthesis of ATP. ATP is our body's primary energy source. It is an absolute requirement for life and when this molecule is low in our cells they do not function well. That means our hearts do not function well; we can make proteins for our muscles; and our immune system fails. ATP is absolutely essential and CoQ10 is essential to make ATP.

CoQ10 also protects our mitochondria from oxidation because CoQ10 is a very good anti-oxidant and it is positioned in the right place in the mitochondria to protect the mitochondria from self-induced oxidation.

Food sources just do not give our bodies enough CoQ10
Beef heart is the best source but even then it is hard to take in enough CoQ10 through food. Further as we age our bodies make less CoQ10, so we need to supplement with an effective dose strength of CoQ10.

As mentioned, the minimum effective dose of CoQ10 for health benefits is 250 mg/day. SFH RECOVER provides very high dose strength of CoQ10 at 500mg per serving. Our 500 mg dose strength assures that you are getting pharmacologic dose strength, not a homeopathic dose which doesn’t benefit the body.

CoQ10 is a perfect 10 when it comes to overall wellbeing.

For athletes, CoQ10 helps restore depleted energy quickly after a workout, and helps cells and organs recover quickly. Thus it is a critical component in a recovery product. Further CoQ10 supports heart health, brain health, immune health and healthy joints.

CoQ10 is a perfect 10 when it comes to overall wellbeing. In SFH RECOVER you can be sure you are getting enough CoQ10 for complete health, without having to take multiple doses. Be sure to add CoQ10 to your arsenal so you can be sure you’re becoming Stronger. Faster. Healthier.

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