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Dem (Joints) and Bones - Searching For The Perfect Joint And Bone Health Supplement

While pounding the pavement or deadlifting are obvious ways to weaken your ligaments, there are other manners in which to hurt your hinges. According to Everyday Health, the daily wear and tear on your joints can be exacerbated not only by hardcore exercise but also by gluten abuse. Gluten molecules can be the culprit of tissue destruction in the gut (of leaky gut fame) as well as in nerves and joints. This can exacerbate issues like arthritis and joint pain inflammation. Another joint killer can be something as common as killer footwear. If you have a penchant for sky-high stilettos you could be in for an early bout of arthritis pain since the shoes cause undue pressure on the knees. Heavy bags which cause compression, such as handbags, book bags, gym bags, or backpacks can also cause early onset of joint pain too.

All of these factors, combined with extreme exercise and aging, mean that joint issues are a common complaint in America. For those who haven’t got time for the pain, there is a high demand for a fast-acting product that doesn’t produce allergic reactions or side effects and is easily absorbed without gutting the gut. Most importantly, it has to provide some relief. When SFH looks for a supplement, it searches for one that has clinical data to back up the claims of joint relief nirvana. It should decrease exercise-induced inflammation while increasing flexibility. In addition, it should help you recover faster and maintain your bone and joint health while preventing injury.

This is a tall order for any product, so where can one find a magic combo? Many look to glucosamine and chondroitin for relief, though there are pros and cons.

Glucosamine has analgesic properties and may help modify disease but results aren’t always consistent. Chondroitin sulfate has been reported  to slow the progression of joint damage. While glucosamine and chondroitin meet some of the requirements, these supplements are not perfect. They can interact with other drugs, like blood thinners, according to Consumer Reports. Plus, many of these supplements are derived from shellfish making it a no-go for those who are allergic.

Along with the allergy potential, there can be issues with reliable sourcing, and variables when it comes to health benefits. Luckily, science has evolved and there are now products that are even better. We have been able to replace glucosamine in our RECOVER formula with something new and improved.

Introducing Fruitex-B. Throughout a two-year search for the right replacement, SFH has looked for a joint health product that ticked all the boxes: fast acting, allergen-free, and supported by reliable clinical data from multiple sources that demonstrate health benefits at an established dose.

The winner of this distinction was boron, and its delivery vehicle, Fruitex-B. This dynamic combo is an excellent supplement for joint health. Boron, being an atom and not a molecule, has been known to improve immune responses and decrease stiffness and knee pain, as well as strengthen bones. Fruitex-B, Boron’s quick ferry, has been proven via clinical studies to provide fast and reliable absorption, with results showing up within 7 days as opposed to 30 days with other supplements.

The method in which these benefits are calculated is called WOMAC, a ranking system used to measure joint pain and flexibility. Using the WOMAC scale, Fruitex-B was shown to be fast acting, which is why it was chosen as the boron delivery system in RECOVER. Results showed that a 2.5 mg dose of boron can improve the WOMAC score by 15% by day 7 and 24% by day 14.

In order to get more bang for your boron buck, SFH has increased the dose of Fruitex-B to 220 mg delivering 5 mg of boron. This dose is faster acting and more consistent to its glucosamine and chondroitin counterparts. This makes our RECOVER one of the most complete post-workout supplements on the market. That’s the sound of your joints sighing with relief.