A New Look Is Coming: SFH Fish Oil Gel Caps

Same great fish oil, smaller bottle, lower price all detailed below.

Updated Serving & Bottle Size 

Something we've realized over the years is one size does not fit all.Many factors determine how much omega-3 you should be supplementing with. Body composition, as well as diet and activity level, are huge components. For this reason, we've dropped the recommended serving size to two soft gels. If you take the previously recommended four and are happy with the results, continue with your current routine!

Not sure how much omega-3 you should be consuming? Talk with your doctor or check out this quiz that may help you! 

The Same Capsules You Know & Love! 

1: Highly Concentrated 

2: Sustainably Sourced  

SFH sources our omega-3 fish oil from wild-caught and sustainably sourced Alaskan Pollock fish from the Bering Sea. Fish are hand-sorted on the boat, and oil is cold-extracted within 1-2 hours of catch for maximum freshness.
Our source boasts the Marine Stewardship Council certification for sustainable fishing. Molecular distillation allows us to concentrate the EPA & DHA providing the highest concentration on the market.

3: Enteric Coating 

Enteric coating is a polymer barrier that breaks down in the small intestine, not the stomach. This ensures our omega-3 oil is absorbed where it matters most because that's where the body absorbs fats. Most commonly, this coating can be found in aspirin to prevent aggravation of stomach ulcers. A bonus perk for using it on fish oil capsules is that you will not experience fish burps.

4: Third-Party Tested 

At SFH we truly go the extra mile, for you! Our production facility in Warren, Maine is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified which means our facility undergoes rigorous testing to ensure proper quality standards are followed from the raw materials, equipment, manufacturing process, to the final product. 

NSF Sport Certified ✅

NSF Sport is used internationally and trusted by American sports organizations such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, LPGA, NHL, and collegiate leagues. According to the NSF and WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency), aside from detecting contaminants like pesticides and other toxins, NSF sport accreditation does extra testing to detect a list of banned items like hormones, steroids, stimulants, narcotics, diuretics, and other masking agents. The rigorous testing ensures that supplements and foods that athletes consume won’t give anyone an unfair advantage or possibly harm an athlete.

Learn more about NSF Sport

IFOS 5 Start Certified ✅

IFOS applies rigorous testing to ensure the following:

  • Active Ingredient Content – Does the product contain the amount and specific types of omega-3s the label says it should?
  • Contaminants – Does the product contain unsafe levels of harmful chemicals?
  • Stability – Is the product as fresh as possible, or has it gone bad (oxidized)?

Learn more about IFOS