SFH Wholesale Challenge Winners are In!

Last month, we held a photo challenge for our wholesale contest. Accounts were asked to share stories, photos, videos, and REELS on their Instagram page with the chance to win $200 plus free shipping on their next order.

We are so grateful to all the accounts that participated and are so lucky to have a community that loves SFH. We had so many great entries, and instead of picking one winner, we chose three! 

Congratulations to MADabolic JupiterHeirloom Athleticsand Epic Fitness. Although different styles of gyms, one thing in common is that all three gyms focus on helping their clients reach their full potential through exercise and proper nutrition. 

Learn more about the gyms here and why SFH is their supplement of choice: 

MADabolic Jupiter

MADabolic's training program has separated them from other fitness concepts in the area. They are a strength-driven fitness option that pivots from the cardio-heavy norms of our industry. At MADabolic Jupiter, they ask our clients to prioritize perfect technique and let the weight dictate the intensity. Many HIIT concepts encourage blitzing through as many reps as possible, which can lead to a deterioration of form, increase risk of injury, and limit strength gains earned. Their clients who are moving in a controlled, form-focused environment inevitably build greater strength and can safely lift more weight, resulting in greater improvement than gained through many HIIT concepts.

The MAD program is rooted in science and takes the longevity of every level athlete into consideration, and that is being very well received by every person we work with here in Jupiter. They now have over a dozen local physicians, nurses, and licensed physical therapists that trust us (and the M.A.D. Protocol) with their own health and fitness.

Why SFH?

Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) is their premier supplementation brand of choice that you'll find in all MADabolic doors. They've been carrying it since 2011 for a reason...its quality is unmatched! With their emphasis on a limited and sustainably sourced ingredient profile, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better from a supplementation standpoint.

Heirloom Athletics

Heirloom Athletics is a gathering place in downtown Cambridge, Maryland.Their mission is to offer a sustainable, homegrown approach to overall wellness by uniting people around the belief that the values of growth and connection are essential in the pursuit of a fulfilling and purposeful life. They exist to help you live to your fullest potential.

Why SFH?

Heirloom Athletics offers coach-led fitness classes daily in our gym, while Heirloom Kitchen offers SFH products as part of our high-quality, healthy grab n' go snacks and beverages. As a longtime user of many SFH products myself, it was a natural progression to offer them at our new facility. Not only for sale to our members but also to the local community who may be pursuing fitness endeavors elsewhere but appreciate the need for clean ingredient supplements and value shopping local.

Epic Fitness

Everyone's body is unique, and everyone's coaching should be too! Everyone deserves a place to go and feel accepted, no matter where you are during your journey. At Epic Fitness, they understand the current fitness landscape and how hard it can be to find a fitness home that is supportive, positive, and motivating. They exist to help their clients become the best possible version of themselves and to get 1% better every day. What makes them different is that they deliver your own unique program in a very small, semi-private team environment. As a result, a client's customized program will constantly adapt and change, and they will get stronger, building off every health and fitness milestone they hit. 

Why SFH?

They have sold SFH for the last eight years because of the quality of the product and the minimal ingredients. They can recommend it to our clients very easily since we know how well-sourced the ingredients are (having whey coming from grass-fed cows is amazing, and fish oil that doesn't taste like "fish," either!). 

SFH relates 100% to our existing mission statement to help their members become the best possible version of themselves and get 1% better every day! Both SFH and Epic Fitness believe so strongly that supplementing with the right products at the right time can make the difference. That is why Epic Fitness loves everything that SFH has to offer.