Introducing All New Daily Boost

The Daily Boost you never know you needed.

Designed to get you going, this bundle of energy is perfect for helping kickstart your morning or give you a midday boost.

What's in Daily Boost?

Daily Boost is a combination of caffeine, collagen, and C8Vantage® MCTs to help increase your mental clarity, raise your energy level, and kick start your ketone production.

  • Caffeine: With 100mg of caffeine in the blend, it will provide you with the instant buzz you're looking for in the morning or during your midday slump.
  • C8Vantage® MCTs: MCTs in the blend will help sustain your energy, leave you satiated, and keep your hunger at bay. These powerful MCTs can also help improve cognition and focus, increase energy levels, and improve athletic performance. Learn more
  • Collagen:Last but not least, Hydrolyzed Collagen will work behind the scenes to keep your skin, hair, and nails shining and joints squeak-free.

When should I take Daily Boost?

Daily Boost gives you a boost you need whenever you need it. We recommend taking Daily Boost in the morning time as an alternative to your daily coffee. It will help kickstart your morning, give you the energy you need to conquer the day, improve mental clarity, and keep you satiated.

We also recommend taking Daily Boost as a midday pick-me-up. It'll help you push through that afternoon slump, increasing and sustaining your energy levels throughout the afternoon.

Daily Boost is the perfect supplement to add to your routine when going back to school or back to work and you need that extra boost.

How should I take Daily Boost?


A delicious creamy coffee toffee flavor, add a scoop of Daily Boost to your morning coffee, smoothies, overnight oats, or shake with nut milk between meals. The options are endless!

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