Introducing Keto Energy!

We're so excited to release Keto Energy, a blend of three ingredients designed to boost your mental clarity, raise your energy level, and kick start your ketone production. It comes in a creamy coffee toffee flavor and mixes great with just water, in your favorite nut milk or mixed into morning oats.

What is Keto Energy?


Keto Energy with C8Vantage® MCTs will boost your mental clarity, raise your energy level, and kick start your ketone production. Our new bundle of energy also features hydrolyzed collagen, caffeine, and a deliciously creamy coffee toffee flavor.

“Our commitment to selecting only clean, quality ingredients is the foundation for what has made our company a leader in the supplement industry,” said Patricia Leighton, CEO, SFH. “Our formula for Keto Energy was no exception. We chose to use C8Vantage MCTs because they are scientifically proven to produce more ketones than regular MCTs, giving Keto Energy an edge in the ever-growing keto market.”


Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCTs), a key ingredient in the formula, serves as a source of healthy fat available for immediate conversion into energy. SFH’s Keto Energy’s high -quality C8Vantage MCTs can produce up to 400% more ketones than coconut oil and over 20% more ketones that regular MCTs, allowing consumers to experience an instant elevation in energy levels. In addition, C8Vantage is over 70% C8 MCTs, in contrast to coconut oils which contain only 7 to 10% C8 MCTs, which means you get ten times more energy per serving.

With the addition of collagen, Keto Energy is also designed to improve hair, skin, nail and joint health, as well as amplify athletic performance, and can even work as an appetite suppressant. The unique ingredient combination has proven equally effective for keto diet enthusiasts as well as general health-conscious consumers.

Available in a delicious coffee toffee flavor, each Keto Energy canister contains 15 servings and can be mixed with water or nut milk for an effective energy boost.