SFH Celebrates our 11th Anniversary!

Dear SFH Customers,

This week marks our 11th Anniversary of starting SFH and we are so excited to celebrate with you! We had big plans for our ten year milestone that were sadly pushed aside due to the pandemic. We have always had the attitude that tomorrow is a new day and to push forward through adversity.  This last year really tested all aspects of our business and challenged our determination. Words cannot express how happy we all are to still be here to celebrate with everyone!

This month also marks one year that we have all been in this together, the unknown.  As we reflect on all the challenging moments of the past year and SFH’s perseverance, we want to give a special thank you to our employees and customers for adapting to an ever changing environment.

Each month presented a new challenge for our team, from new regulations to ingredient shortages while keeping everyone safe. You were understanding of all of these issues and delays. We can’t thank you enough for your support! Everyone adapted to ensure we could stay operating to manufacture and ship our products from our facility in Maine to arrive on your doorstep. We came out stronger as a team and our customers stuck with us during the tough times.

Since our founding, we have stayed true to our core values by offering products that have clear benefits backed by science with the mission to help you reach your goals of becoming: Stronger. Faster. Healthier. We are absolutely honored to have the chance to continue that mission today and for years to come.

"Our promise to you is to continue to apply the latest scientific knowledge to develop products that improve your overall health. We believe nutritionally balanced food, frequent exercise and clean supplementation are the keys to a healthy life."
-Dr. Jeff Leighton, Chief Scientist and Founder

We know that price and quality matter to you so for our 11th year we have reformulated two fan favorites, RECOVER and PUSH, for a lower price-point, without skimping on quality.  We also added three new exciting options to our PURE whey line, coffee, mint chip, plus an unflavored and unsweetened option, naked. All of these new options are in a smaller size and lower price-point. The good news does not stop there! In the next few months, we are launching a second flavor of PUSH and introducing smaller sizes and lower prices of our award-winning liquid Omega-3 Oils and Capsules.

Thank you again to all of our amazing employees and customers that kept us going through the dark days so we can all celebrate today! We can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Patricia Leighton is CEO & co-founder at SFH.
In her spare time, she enjoys being outside with her Australian Shepard, Luna, hiking, camping and snowboarding.

Dr. Jeff Leighton is CSO & Founder at SFH.
In his free time, he enjoys being outside with his dog Luschka, biking and taking long walks.