To start: In order to better serve you and focus on sales, marketing, and product development, we made the difficult decision to close our production and shipping facility in Maine earlier this year. We’re now outsourcing both our manufacturing and shipping to different partners.

  • Manufacturing: We have partnered with Armada Nutrition, a first-class leader in the field of manufacturing. We have extremely high-quality standards when it comes to our product manufacturing, and we greatly believe that they will not only meet but exceed these standards. SFH will be manufactured in their second facility in Utah, which unfortunately has faced some hurdles due to supply chain issues. The new facility was not able to open in April 2022 as planned, and this has therefore led to our production dates being delayed and out-of-stock issues on some SKUs.
  • Shipping: Unfortunately, the shipping partner we chose earlier this year has fallen short on their promises for shipping times, product handling, and overall customer support. This has led to us putting out fires for five months. Moving forward, we have pivoted and have found a third-party logistics company to take over our shipping processes. This new partner has a long and proven track record that backs their standards of practice. 

Our promise to you has always been transparency. In our original plan, Armada Nutrition would have been able to start production in April 2022 for a more seamless transition, and we would not be facing out-of-stock issues. Unfortunately, the current reality is that we are still running low on certain items in our inventory. 

Due to our late start with our new manufacturer, some SKUs will go out of stock and we will have some last calls on other products. Below, you’ll find a list of SKUs that are expiring soon, are currently out of stock, or are running low on inventory:

Additionally, most boxes of 10 single serves and single serve variety packs are out of stock. We know this is unfortunate for grab-n-go purchases, or for being able to try new flavors/products for the first time. The good news: we will have these back in stock by the end of the year! 

Moving forward: We’ve been told that production will begin in late September or early October, which will help address the low and out-of-stock issues on many of your favorite products. There are even some new flavors on the horizon to look forward to!  

If your favorite products are currently out of stock, here are some substitutions we suggest in the meantime:

  • RECOVER Vanilla: Don’t let your gains slip by! Switch to RECOVER Chocolate or stack PURE Vanilla and STRONG. STRONG contains creatine, glutamine, and beef isolate to enhance and build lean muscle while accelerating recovery. 
  • Daily Boost: If you love the flavor of Daily Boost, check out PURE Coffee for the same delicious coffee flavor, all while packed with 22g of protein. 
  • FUEL: Both FUEL and Plant Protein contain Protein, MCTs, and Fiber. If you love FUEL's creamy texture and sustained energy, give Plant Protein a try!

Lastly, we have tried to absorb all the price increases on the backend from labor, packaging, raw materials, and shipping costs. Unfortunately, we cannot absorb the price of our highly concentrated omega-3 oil as it has skyrocketed in the past months. The new MSRP of our Omega-3 Gel Caps will be $45.99 starting on September 15, 2022. As promised, you will still be receiving the highest concentrated fish oil for a great price--just $1/serving!

We truly appreciate your business and support of our small company. Thank you for bearing with us as we work through these kinks and move forward to bringing back the high-quality SFH products you’ve come to love. The future's looking bright!