Gel Caps are Back!

The glow-up is real. The gel caps are back better than ever.

The same great fish oil you know and love, but a smaller bottle and lower price point detailed below.

The Changes:

When it comes to fish oil intake, we've realized that one size does not fit all over the years. Many factors determine how much omega-3 you should be supplementing with your body. Body composition, as well as diet and activity level, are huge components. For this reason, we've dropped the recommended serving size to two soft gels. If you take the previously recommended four and are happy with the results, continue with your current routine!

With that in mind, we have lowered the capsule count to 90 capsules a bottle, effectively reducing the price point to $37.99/bottle.

Everything else is the Same:

The gel caps are the exact same size and contain the same amount of omega-3 in each gelcap as before. Our gel caps are highly concentrated with 2000mg fish oil, 1300mg EPA, and 500mg DHA in just two soft gel caps.

SFH continues to source our omega-3 fish oil from wild-caught and sustainably sourced Alaskan Pollock fish from the Bering Sea. Fish are hand-sorted on the boat, and oil is cold-extracted within 1-2 hours of catch for maximum freshness. Our source boasts the Marine Stewardship Council certification for sustainable fishing. Molecular distillation allows us to concentrate the EPA & DHA providing the highest concentration on the market.

We continue to use an enteric coating, a polymer barrier that breaks down in the small intestine, not the stomach and is most commonly found with aspirin to prevent aggravation of stomach ulcers. Not only does this special coating mean you won't get fish burps, but it ensures our liquid gold is absorbed where you will get the most benefits.

Our fish oil is both NSF Sport Certified and IFSO 5 Certified, ensuring the highest quality product.

NEW! Subscribe & Save

We are excited to now offer to subscribe and save! So there is no need to worry about forgetting to order your fish oil, and bonus, you get 10% off. Simply select "subscribe & save" when adding to your cart and select your delivery frequency.