We Heard You! SFH PUSH and RECOVER Reformulated at a Lower Price Point

Our two fan-favorites, PUSH and RECOVER, are now available at a more affordable price! Don't worry we are still using the best ingredients available and maintaining the SFH quality standard.

The Ultimate Pre-Workout: PUSH 2.0

PUSH's reformulation has allowed us to rectify some out-of-stock issues from a problem ingredient. Quercetin was, unfortunately, testing erratically and experiencing some supply chain issues. Out-of-stock issues aren't fun for anyone, so we took it out!  Another change you will see in PUSH 2.0 is the inclusion of balanced electrolytes instead of coconut water powder. 

These changes allowed us to lower the price by $5 while still providing the ultimate all-encompassing pre-workout. 

You may notice a slight change in color and you won't see the floaties after mixing. Quercetin was yellow, didn't fully mix well, and created a tart taste. This new version will be slightly sweeter and more purple in color.


 Expanding the Science of Recovery Beyond Protein: SFH RECOVER 2.0

RECOVER's new reformulation provides you the ultimate post-workout protein at a $10 lower price point.  

2.7g Creatine 2.5g
1.8g D-Ribose 1.5g
1g Leucine 1g
500mg CoQ10 100mg
500mg Carnitine 500mg
220mg Fruitex-B® 100mg