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When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, various factors play a role. Sticking to a healthy diet, getting a whole night of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and moving around is just the beginning. At SFH, we believe in supplementing your everyday life with clean products.

Sometimes you may wake up and need a little extra boost or are facing a midday slump and need to push through. This is where SFH's energy line comes into play. Our energy products are designed to give you an extra energy boost and help you get through everything you need to accomplish that day. We know that everyone has a day full of tasks, and it's essential to have enough energy and alertness to perform those tasks with ease.

Daily Boost combines collagen, MCTs, and caffeine to get you going. The caffeine will provide you with an instant energy boost, while MCTs will keep your energy sustained and hunger at bay. In our blend, SFH uses C8Vantage® MCTs, which have been proven to improve cognition and focus, increase energy, and improve athletic performance. The bonus, hydrolyzed collagen will work behind the scenes to keep your skin, hair, and nails shining and joints squeak-free.

MCTs are excellent for providing a sustained boost of natural energy from healthy fats, read more about the Mighty MCT. Add a scoop to your morning coffee, smoothies, overnight oats, or simply mix with water to get you going!

If you have any questions about our selection of lifestyle products, please feel free to reach out. We'll be happy to help with questions or complete your order.