All online transactions are handled with industry-standard SSL encryption. When your web browser is set to its defaults, a small yellow lock in the status line of your browser will appear. This lock signifies that all information being sent or received is using a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is an advanced encryption technique that ensures secure data transfer between your browser and our server.

You will initiate the secure connection automatically once you proceed to the check out. All communication from thereon -- entering email address and password, your billing and shipping information as well as your credit card details -- occurs through the encrypted (secure) channel.

For added security, we also encrypt the credit card number when it is stored until your order is processed. We permanently discard your credit card number once your order ships, unless you specify that you would like us to keep it on file for future transactions. In any case, this information never travels or is stored in unencrypted form. The equipment storing your personal information is located in a secure, state of the art hosting facility.

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Big Wave Surfer Nic Lamb

Nic Lamb is a fearless ocean athlete with a passion for charging big waves.

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SFH® products are designed to supplement clean diets and exercise programs. We focus on muscle development, energy generation, utilization, and factors that enhance recovery after exercise. Strong bodies are healthy bodies. SFH® is a company dedicated to impact everyday well-being and nutrition.


SFH® is a registered trademark and key brand for our US company that sells nutritional supplement products under the name SFH®. There is a company selling bogus products using our trademark SFH® out of Indonesia without permission that has no relationship to our US operations. These products are not Maine Natural Health® products. Do not order those products assuming that they are from our US company.