Whey Protein

Which whey protein formula best suits your needs?

Answers to FAQ's below reflect our latest scientific knowledge. It is important for you to know these answers have not been approved or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We have a formula for all ages and athletic abilities.  

* PURE: This product is just whey concentrate and natural flavors. Pure goodness, nothing else added.

* FUEL: A scientifically formulated daily supplement that provides energy for your every day needs. This product combines whey protein, coconut milk powder and apple pectin.

* RECOVER: This product is designed to be taken within one hour after your vigorous exercise activity.  This purpose of this product is to decrease recovery in between exercise periods.

Can't you make a supplement that is all in one?

Not if you mean a universal supplement for all age groups. Our supplements are designed specifically to aid in either overall wellness or have very specific purposes. Our RECOVER product is all about improving recovery time between exercise periods. Our FUEL product is designed as the ideal "anytime protein" combined with coconut milk powder and apple pectin. Our PURE product is designed for all ages including children. Thus all of our products are designed for specific purposes. The one exception is omega-3 oil. This product should be used by all people, e.g. from athletes to those that have conditions that restrict their activities.

What is in our whey?

Our Pure Whey Formula is approximately 80% pure whey protein and comes in four  year-round flavors: natural, vanilla, chocolate, and churro and two seasonal flavors: candy cane and tropical. All flavors are 100% natural and do not contain any added artificial flavoring. The natural formulations have the highest whey protein percentages. Vanilla, chocolate, churro, tropical and candy cane whey have slightly less protein and an extremely small amount of sugar (compare our product to others). All of our formulas mix well in water and in milk products and we believe are much easier and faster to absorb than whey protein isolates. They are also great in smoothies.

Where do we get our whey from?

All of our whey products are formulated with non-denatured whey protein derived from free-range, grass-fed cow herds. They are all-natural and contain no additives or preservatives - just wholesome goodness.

Why do you minimize the user of sugar in your products?

Sugar is a high glycemic chemical and induces the release of insulin. High levels of insulin lead to health problems such as diabetes, obesity and vascular abnormalities.

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SFH® products are designed to supplement clean diets and exercise programs. We focus on muscle development, energy generation, utilization, and factors that enhance recovery after exercise. Strong bodies are healthy bodies. SFH® is a company dedicated to impact everyday well-being and nutrition.


SFH® is a registered trademark and key brand for our US company that sells nutritional supplement products under the name SFH®. There is a company selling bogus products using our trademark SFH® out of Indonesia without permission that has no relationship to our US operations. These products are not Maine Natural Health® products. Do not order those products assuming that they are from our US company.