Improve the Quality of Life For Your Pet With SFH Pet Oils

SFH pet oil is a 50:50 mixture of omega 3 fatty acids and coconut oil. Omega 3 oil affects pets just like it does humans. Pets may become more mobile and energetic. Scientific literature supports the view that omega 3 oil decreases allergic reactions as evidenced by less itching, biting and gnawing.

Omega 3 oils are essential for a long and healthy life. Chances are, you’re paying more attention to the omega 3 balance in your diet than you used to in the past. SFH gives you the option to provide the same heart, immune system and nervous system benefits of omega 3s to your pets, with the added benefit of coconut oil.

We are committed to providing natural health benefits to our animal companions who provide us with unconditional love and support.

Here are some of the health benefits that animals will obtain from taking an Omega-3 oil supplement:

Just like humans, our furry friends benefit from Omega 3 supplementation too

Food processing has enriched the American diet in omega 6 fats leading to negative health consequences. The same is the case for our pet’s diet.

Omega 6 fats are associated with inflammation. To counter these pro-inflammatory fats, our pets need a high quality and maximum strength omega 3 oil. SFH Pet Oil is a 50:50 mixture of high potency omega 3 oil and coconut oil. This health combination is possible because the strength of our omega 3 oil is very high. We can make a 50:50 combination and scale the dose so that our pets get the simultaneous benefits of omega 3 fats and the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) derived from virgin coconut oil.

The Benefits Of Omega 3

While much is yet to be learned, most scientists agree that there are many health benefits of omega 3 fats. These fats are a part of all cell membranes (skeletal and smooth muscle, nerve cells, endocrine cells, immune system cells, endothelial cells, and fat cells). When our cells have an optimal percentage of omega 3 fats (estimated at between 8 & 12%), we have less inflammation and our triglycerides are improved.

Omega 3 fats also stabilize our heart muscle cells and decrease abnormal heart rhythms, and they could prevent the development of heart disease.

These observations made in humans also apply to our pets.

Roles Of EPA + DHA

Our bodies cannot make omega 3s; they must be obtained from our diets. While there are many omega 3 fats, only two have proven health benefits: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Modern chemistry and biology have allowed our scientists to enrich available fish oils with both of these fats.

EPA and DHA are additive and may be synergistic in promoting overall pet health. SFH believes that adequate scientific data is not available to argue that one of these fats is superior to the other. Both may help support basic cellular health and immune health. Both benefit healthy aging.

Nervous system development and maintenance may favor DHA, while joint health, skin health, gum health, and heart and kidney health may favor EPA. These fats in combination with coconut oil improve the alertness and energy of our pets. Adequate dose strength is essential for health benefits.

Human Grade, High Quality

SFH Pet oils are human grade and prepared from the same batches used to formulate our human oil. All of our SO3 Omega 3 oils are are bubbled with nitrogen to displace oxygen and reduce oxidation to maintain freshness.

Additionally, our Pet Oils:

  • Are derived from wild caught sardines and herring that are harvested in accordance with strict environmental standards.
  • Are in the triglyceride form. This form has been shown to be 70% better absorbed than fish oil in the ethyl ester form.
  • Have a low oxidation number, allowing the oil to stay fresh longer.

3rd Party Testing: Ensuring Safety, Quality, And Freshness

Like our human products, SFH Pet Oils are rigorously tested by Nutrasource Diagnostics and certified to have a 5 star rating for omega 3 oil. Our oils meet or exceed standards set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), European Pharmacopoeia Standards (EPS), World Health Organization (WHO), and Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega 3 (GOED).

SFH oils also have a 5-star rating for purity and lack toxins such as PCBs, dioxins, furans, and heavy metals. Every batch is tested prior to formulation. Our oils are IFOS certified and are compliant with CRN and GOED guidelines.


SFH Pet Oils are identical to SFH human oils with the following exceptions:

  • SFH Pet Oils also contain coconut oil
  • SFH Pet Oils do not contain rosemary oil

SFH Pet Oil has been formulated so that all pets, regardless of size and weight, will benefit. Multiple products are not necessary and serve only to confuse the customer. One strength can be used for all animals.

SFH scientists have scaled the recommended use to the weight of the pet. These recommended uses can be exceeded when needed to optimize a pet’s health. For example, aging animals that have greater inflammation or kidney disease or allergies may benefit from higher amounts. Omega 3 oil and coconut oil are considered safe for all pets.

This allows us to personalize daily usage to a pet’s need. Increased mobility, alertness, improved coat appearance and less shedding are signs that you have reached an effective amount.



* 1 ml of oil contains approximately 220mg of EPA and 100mg of DHA
** Like humans, animals vary in their response to omega 3 fats and coconut oil. In general, after several weeks of daily usage, energy, appetite and mobility are dramatically increased.

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