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Fuel Whey Protein

Fuel combines our classic whey protein concentrate derived from grass-fed free-range cows, with coconut milk powder and apple pectin to power your daily needs or give you a little extra boost when you need it most.

Perfect for any time of day as an addition to a well-balanced meal plan and healthy lifestyle, this is a great way to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay on track. There is no denying that a healthy amount of protein goes a long way in a healthy lifestyle. With an impressive 19g of protein per serving, this powder is a great way to up your game with little effort on your part.

Bag Size: 2 lb.
Serving Size: 32 grams
Servings Per Bag: 28

Price Per Serving: $1.96

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With its great taste and ease of use, SFH Fuel may be used any time of the day with water or added to a smoothie. Take before a workout, during an endurance event, or as an afternoon treat by mixing the coconut flavor with iced coffee (a customer favorite!) Please note that there is no substitute for real food. SFH Fuel is a great snack to hold you over to your next meal and isn’t intended to replace meals.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Once opened, suggested use is within 90 days. Each package contains 28 servings. Mix one scoop with 8 oz of water or your favorite beverage to create a quick satisfying boost. In order to avoid clumps, do not add ice to the mixture.

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