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PUSH Pre-workout

sfh PUSH is a great pre-workout product for performance athletes.

We have taken our knowledge of pre-workout products to create and test a next generation product. We conducted a double blind, placebo controlled cross over study in 34 athletes, where PUSH was shown to be effective to enhance athletic performance.

540g bag

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When you work out, you always put in the work instead of just phoning it in because you know the path to results is paved with resistance. With the right pre-workout powder to get you through at peak performance, break through any plateaus to reach your full potential with every session. Our SFH PUSH pre-workout is a specially formulated product for performance-driven athletes and has ingredients to capture and maintain the edge you need to get through anything.

We have taken our knowledge of pre-workout products and put them to work in creating and testing a next-generation product. We conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study in 34 athletes, where PUSH pre-workout powder was shown to be effective to enhance athletic performance compared to placebo. Made with only the best ingredients and carefully formulated to support athletic endeavors, this powder is great for adding to your pre-workout shake to give you the fuel you need to tackle your next training session in full on beast mode. Add this powerhouse to your next gym season and experience a better way to give it your all. Look for more energy, less fatigue and more endurance when you use PUSH before your next workout.

Suggested Use

Store in a cool, dry place. Mix one scoop of PUSH with 12 to 16oz of water 20-30 minutes before training. Use only as directed.  

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