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The key to life is work-life balance. But between working all day, running errands, cooking dinner, working out, and having a social life, it's exhausting. REVIVE is here to fix all of that.

REVIVE is designed to fuel your cells by increasing your energy from the inside out. Simply add it to your water using the handy Scoopie® and revolutionize your water game.

In clinical studies involving 62 participants over a one-month period, REVIVE’s premium blend of CoQ10, BioEnergy Ribose, and N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, has been proven to:

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REVIVE was designed to be a biochemical energy generator by enhancing our mitochondria's ability to generate energy (ATP). Ribose, carnitine, and C0-Q -10 are absolute requirements for our mitochondria to generate energy. We have filed a US Patent Application concerning "Comestible Compositions for Promoting ATP Synthesis." This patent teaches how a combination of Ribose, N-acetyl-L carnitine, and Co-Q- 10 is an effective combination to enhance ATP Synthesis in mitochondria and thus enhance cellular energy generation (people have more energy and are more alert).

There are several benefits to adding REVIVE energy generator to your diet. You'll see increased energy, decreased fatigue, increased need for hydration, and you'll be more alert. No more afternoon drowsiness, instead, you can knock out those work tasks with no slump time in between. The best part of this is that there is no caffeine added. Caffeine and other stimulants work for a short period of time to give you an energy burst, but then will cause a crash that may make you feel more fatigued than you did beforehand. With this, you aren't ingesting a stimulant, so you won't have to worry about any of the negative effects like a crash or racing heart. Add REVIVE to your daily nutrition plan, and see the difference today!

Suggested Use:

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat. Keep sealed at all times when not in use to prevent water accumulation. Mix one scoop in 12-16 oz. of water or your favorite beverage. Take 1-3 times daily. REVIVE. RESTORE. REPEAT.

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