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Pet Omega-3 + MCT Oil - 6 oz.

With our quality formula of omega-3s and MCT oil, give your pet the health support they need to ensure a long life lived by your side! Benefits May Include:

Best of all, this formula is in an easy to dispense liquid form, so you never have to hassle with trying to get your pet to swallow a capsule. Simply pump the recommended amount directly onto their food.

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There are several reasons to choose our pet omega-3 8oz oil over others on the market. For starters, we put the overall health and well-being of your pet at the core of the formula to ensure safety and results. SFH Pet Oil contains:

The scientific literature also suggests that omega-3 oils decrease allergies as evidenced by less biting, chewing and gnawing. More clinical studies are needed to confirm.

Not recognized as an essential nutrient by AAFCO dog or cat nutrient profiles.

Product does not contain rosemary oil which may be unsafe for pets.

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