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Plant Protein

20g protein

Powered by pea protein, mushrooms, fiber, and MCTs. May help promote: energy and strength, athletic recovery, and muscular development.

no soy, non gmo, no gluten, no artificials, no added sugar

vanilla flavored plant proteinThis creamy delicious vanilla flavor leaves you with a smooth mouth feel, no gritty texture here!

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inside the scoop

Fuel your adventures naturally with energy from plants! We designed a blend of pea protein, mushrooms, and MCTs to provide you with fiber, healthy fats, and 20g of protein for natural sustained energy. Unlike most plant-based protein, ​Plant Energy is a grit-free formula that has a delicious vanilla taste.

SFH Plant protein contains: fiber, mushroom blend (reishi, king trumpet, lion's mane, cordyceps, himematustake, turkey tails, shiitake, maitake), C8Vantage™ MCTs (proven to improve focus, cognition, energy and athletic performance), and pea protein.

As always, we pride ourselves on what we leave out, not just what we put in. The SFH Promise is to provide you with products free of gluten, soy, artificial flavors, and genetically modified ingredients.

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