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Whey Protein Variety Pack

Try out our Pure and Fuel flavors without committing to a bag! These single-serve protein packets are perfect for finding your favorite flavor.

When you want to give life your all with the right fuel, let our protein sample packets be your go-to solution! You will be ahead of the pack with our new Protein Sample Bag. Get a leg up on the competition with our popular protein supplements in five to go sample sizes so you can try them all.

One Protein Variety Pack contains:

Contains: Milk

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Are you ready to get your life back on track by trying one of our protein powders, but you aren't sure where to start? Now you can try all of our popular SFH protein supplements in one bundle! The Protein Sample Pack has 5 different flavors in convenient single serve packs. This is a great way to sample our protein powders and fuel your daily needs. When you feel you need a little boost throughout the day, simply use one of the packets for a quick and easy boost. With a combination of whey protein, fiber, and MCTs, these little packs carry quite a punch to give you an energy boost no matter what the day has in store for you. Best of all, you can figure out which flavor is your favorite without the commitment of a full-sized bag right away. Add this great sample selection to your plan for powerful living today!

One SFH Protein Variety Pack Includes:

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