Retail Tips & Tricks

Retailing products in your business is a great way to bring in extra income. But you can't just put the products on a shelf and let them collect dust. Today, we're coming at you with our top tips and tricks to retailing products in your business.

Display, display, display!

Where you display your product matters, displays are designed to create a reaction and improve product awareness. Therefore, it's essential to have the products you sell neatly somewhere people can see them.

Pro Tip: Use banners and accessories to help draw attention to display areas. 

Grab & Go

Offering single serves as a grab & go option is an excellent way for your gym members to try SFH without any commitment or a way to give your clients an extra boost before or after class. Make sure the samples are placed in a convenient place for easy access!

Pro Tip: The front desk where members check-in in a great location for visibility. 

Product of the Month

Featuring a product of the month is a great way to get your customers to try something new, and in return, it can help boost your sales. Offer a small discount on the product, hold tastings with trainers, and display the product in a visible location to get people excited! 

ProTip: SFH variety sample packs are great for sampling. 1 single-serve packet can make up 10-15 samples, depending on the product. Ask us about our sample cups and spoons!

Train the Trainer

When selling supplements, your trainers are your best advocates. Every day your staff works with your customers, and it's important to make sure they're equipped with the knowledge to help your clients make the right decision when it comes to supplementation. 

Get Social!

Social Media is a great tool to promote your products and connect with your members outside the gym. Get people excited by creating photo challenges or promoting different offerings via social.

Curious about retailing SFH supplements?

Our wholesale order tiers are structured to support your business needs. You can mix and max flavors and formulations as long as you hit the minimum of 6 units. Shipping is on us when you hit the golden fourth tier!

If you have questions or are ready to order, give us a shout!