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SFH's Pet Oil is a product that delivers all the benefits of Omega-3 to your beloved pets!

Our Super Omega-3 Pet Oil contains human-grade Omega-3s from fish oil and MCTs from coconut oil to support your furry friend’s coat, joints, and heart.

Size: 8oz

You didn't think we'd forget the pups, did you?

Our signature blend of top quality Omega-3 oil and Coconut Oil MCTs is beloved by pets and has so many benefits for them!

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Silky coats and healthy joints!

Omega-3 + MCTs help your pet feel a real difference and get relief.

Easy to pump directly on top of dog food

No mess, no hassle, a quick and easy topper on top of dry food.

Dogs love the flavor!

"Seriously, my dog goes crazy for it every time and his coat is noticeably softer." - SFH's Marketing Manager


Real world benefits for your pet!

Helps with skin and coat health, helps reduce excessive licking and biting from dry and irritated skin, helps improve energy and mobility, helps improve heart health, and helps improve joint health.


Zero soy, gluten, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, or anything you wouldn't want in your pets.

Just like with all of our products, there's nothing artificial in our Pet Oil.

You didn't think we'd sacrifice any quality with our pets did you?

SFH vs the competition

PET OIL: OMEGA-3 + MCT OIL Sale price$24.99
Big Box Generic Competitor
Big Box Generic Competitor Sale price$1,000.00
Omega-3s and MCTs all in one?



Easy to dispense on top of food?

Easy and helps dogs eat when stubborn

Can be messy

Dogs love the flavor?



Made with human grade Omega-3s?

Absolutely, SFH doesn't cut corners with your pets

Very hard to find

Free from fillers, soy, gluten, GMOs, and artificial flavors?

Again, absolutely, it's the only way for SFH


All Science, No Hype


Who it’s good for: 

  • Pets 

Use Super Omega-3 Pet Oil if: 

  • You want to give your furry best friend a high-quality Omega-3 supplement to support their coat, joints, and overall health 
  • You want a pet oil made with human-grade fish oil and MCT oil
  • You want a pet oil in liquid form, which makes it easy to pump directly into your pet’s food

Not recognized as an essential nutrient by AAFCO dog or cat nutrient profiles.

Product does not contain rosemary oil which may be unsafe for pets.

Supplement Facts


Squirt 1-3 pumps directly on top of food. Mix to your liking or leave as a topper.

Quality & Transparency for your Pet too!

Our core values are quality and transparency, which is why we third party test our products so you can feel confident and safe giving your pet products that will only be helping them, free of junk fillers and low quality additives.


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