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As any pet parent knows, your dog or cat is more than just an animal taking up residence in your house. A pet is a companion, best friend, and family member all rolled up in one cute, furry package on four legs. You want them to have a long and happy life lived by your side which is why you should consider for this important member of the family. Most people put a lot of effort and planning into their own diet to ensure they stay healthy and vibrant, and your beloved pooch or cat is no different. Their bodies need many of the same nutrients as humans and their regular diet isn't always enough to guarantee those nutrients. With our selection of fish oil for dogs and cats, give them the best life has to offer by keeping them healthy and happy for years to come. 

Why fish oil? Many people are surprised to learn that pets react to fish oil the same way humans do, and this powerhouse can combat many of the same health issues such as joint pain/damage, cardiovascular issues, effects of kidney damage, and other ailments many people take fish oil to combat. It can even help them maintain a healthy, shiny coat! Whether your pet is aging, and you are looking to support them along the way or you are looking to slow done some of the joint damage before it occurs in your younger pet, fish oil may be worth trying. Of course, you should always consult your veterinarian prior to changing your pet's diet to make sure it is safe for the state of health of the individual animal and to help determine appropriate dosages.

We offer a high-quality fish oil for pets that makes it easier than ever to give them the nutrients they need from this powerhouse. Using a natural blend of fish oil and MCTs derived from virgin coconut oil, this blend is free from harmful elements found in other options such as rosemary. If you have any questions regarding this product or any of the products we feature, please contact a member of our staff today for further assistance.