Road To Recovery - The Ideal Post-Workout Recovery Product

Road To Recovery - The Ideal Post-Workout Recovery Product

The workout is just one component of fitness. Diet, nutrition, and rest are all important factors of fitness success because they aid your recovery. This not only helps prepare you for your next sweat session but actually builds your muscles while you are in between workouts. So where do you get the scaffolding for this wonderful construction? Start with a supplement.

There are lots of different supplements to aid with post-workout recovery, but you need to know how to choose one from a crowded field. Its important to look at your fitness goals and what benefits the product provides. Many so-called healthy protein powders are loaded with sugar and little else. Others have homeopathic (and non-effective) ingredients. When you are looking for a recovery product, make sure you arent being duped by a high-priced protein powder masquerading as a recovery product. A good recovery product should have certain elements to aid your body.

Intense exercise can induce muscle degradation, so look to a good supplement that can help can combat this. You also want one that can stimulate muscle synthesis by energizing the cells to optimize ATP production so you are getting the benefit of increased fat burning. You also want a product that is optimizing leucine. According to Muscle and Fitness, studies show that leucine is considered the master switch that kicks off the protein synthesis process. They can even help you reduce your fatigue, according to Shape. Approximately 2.5 grams of leucine is needed to stimulate protein synthesis properly.

According to Muscle & Fitness, you have a short window  approximately 45 minutes to get your body taken care of and replenish your bodys nutrients. If not, then your muscle growth, repair, and recovery will be weakened. Since time is of the essence, when choosing a protein delivery system, it is important that the supplement can quickly get the protein and nutrients transferred to your muscles. Whey protein powder gets the job done fast. Whey also has a high amount of BCAAs (branded chain amino acids) which contain that MVP leucine we discussed above.

While these supplements are commonly known as protein powder, most contain a few grams of carbs. Carbs are often thought of as the enemy but you do need them as a delivery system to get energy to your muscles. When considering the post work out window, you want fast digesting carbs because you are short on time. Slow digesting carbs like oatmeal or fruit will take too long to get the glycogen through your system. Plus, according to The Daily Burn, it is essential to replenish those energy stores while you are fatigued. Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS adds that by not doing so you could open yourself up to potential injuries. Of course, an SFH RECOVER shake is an optimal way to go, but in a pinch, whats worse? A bagel? Or a body cast?

One element of a good supplement is creatine. According to Shape, it can help boost your energy levels, such as when you need a kick if you are about to sprint and increase your strength. And according to Ryan Maciel, RDN, not only does creatine help with energy and strength but it can also improve your lean muscle mass.

SFHs RECOVER protein powder ticks all these boxes and more. In addition, our product RECOVER takes your recovery process a step further. It helps to minimize exercise-induced inflammation and protects the joints, therefore helping you recover faster! With the addition of Fruitex-B, you can see improvement in your joints in as little as 7 days. It also helps with ATP production which is helping your body recover at a cellular level and helping the body use fat as energy  That translates to you getting a little R&R: rested and ripped. Ribose and Co-Q-10 are also essential synthesis components in our RECOVER formula. Not only that but RECOVER has the added bonus of optimizing the impact of leucine, making you stronger every time you workout.

Our company is backed by science. As science evolves, our products improve. We are proud of RECOVER and how it delivers a complete recovery system to help you optimize your bodys muscle repair in order to assist you in optimal health and fitness.

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