Our Quality Control Team is committed to the highest food safety standards encompassing research & development, regulatory compliance, supplier management, manufacturing, and third-party testing. Ongoing employee training assures successful implementation and continuous improvement of our Quality System.

We manufacture and produce all of our products (except omega-3 capsules) in our Warren, Maine facility. Our quality control department oversees all of the production and testing of both raw ingredients and finished products. SFH is cGMP registered (current Good Manufacturing Practices) for dietary supplements.

All our raw materials and finished products are third-party tested to meet product label claims including screening for banned substances.   

We are continually updating to comply with all regulatory guidelines which include statements of health benefits, potential adverse events, and relevant scientific issues. Structure-Function claims limit what can be said in terms of health claims for any nutraceutical product. A health claim is a specific statement about a disease state. Health claims must be approved by the FDA.