Behind the scenes at SFH

Behind the scenes at SFH

Transparency in the Supplement Industry

Recently, Morning ChalkUp published an article discussing banned substances in the supplement industry to increase awareness of the situation. To summarize, the report dives into the complex supply chain and how some brands opt-out from testing their supplements even though there are reputable testing bodies like NSF Sport for this purpose.

The article suggests that money may be a driving factor to why some brands have chosen not to test their supplements, and to keep costs further low, they choose to source, process, and brokerage deals overseas. In the end, without third-party testing, customers cannot be 100% confident of what's in the products.

Lack of testing and transparency in the supply chain and brands has resulted in many competitive athletes testing positive for banned substances.

The SFH Promise

SFH was founded with the mission to provide clean supplementation with an emphasis on sourcing premium ingredients that work. Our products are formulated with purpose; each component has a reason for being there. In addition, we believe in using ingredients free of soy, gluten, GMOs, and artificial flavors.

With transparency at the forefront of our brand's core values, below we highlight how we as a company ensure our supplements are clean and void of any banned substances so you can train with total confidence.

Where do we source our ingredients?

SFH prides itself on sourcing real ingredients that show real results.


SFH Omega-3 Fish Oil is sustainably sourced from wild-caught Alaskan Pollock from the Bering Sea. Our source boasts the Marine Stewardship Council certification for sustainable fishing

Whey Protein:

We source our signature grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand. This sourcing is unique because it's one of the only places cows can be grass-fed all year. In addition, they are never treated with growth hormones, are ethically treated, and roam free grazing on large grass fields.

What certifications does SFH have?

All SFH raw materials and finished products are third-party tested to meet product label claims, including screening for banned substances. Furthermore, SFH uses independent third-party testers to ensure our products comply with specific safety, quality, sustainability, or performance standards. The benefits of having a third-party accredited organization testing and approving a product are immeasurable.

Most consumers don't know what they are consuming from product to product. In addition, many supplement companies make claims which aren't supported by the actual ingredients. By having our products third-party tested, they can be held to the highest standard and allow you as a consumer to trust what you're purchasing.

Our products are made in-house at our Maine warehouse, that is GMP registered (Good Manufacturing Practices) for dietary supplements.

Our whey protein is IGEN certified, meaning that it does not contain any detectable amounts of genetically modified (GMO) proteins. While our Omega-3 is IFOS certified, ensuring that it's the highest quality, safety, and purity in the market.

Both our Omega-3 Fish Oils and our PURE Whey supplement products have received the NSF Certified for Sport stamp of approval! To be NSF Sport certified, a product must undergo a rigorous testing process. The process includes:

  • Production facility and quality control audits
  • Testing to ensure the label matches the contents
  • Final product testing against 280 banned substances

Our different certifications allow our customers and athletes to trust us as a brand that we give them everything they need and nothing they don't.

Where are SFH products manufactured?

We manufacture and produce all of our products (except omega-3 soft gels) in our Maine facility. Our Quality Control department oversees all of the production and testing of both raw ingredients and finished products.

Our Quality Control team is committed to the highest food safety standards encompassing research & development, regulatory compliance, supplier management, manufacturing, and third-party testing. In addition, ongoing employee training assures successful implementation and continuous improvement of our Quality System.

Moving Forward:

The right supplements can be extremely beneficial to your training regimen. Wherever you get your supplements from, it is essential to read labels, look for the proper certifications, and do thorough research before committing to any brand.

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