Benefits Of CoQ10

Benefits Of CoQ10

When you are searching for something to aid you in the recovery process, you may want to look at the advantages of Coenzyme Q10, aka, CoQ10. There are several important reported benefits of CoQ10 which may make it a necessary component of your healthy living routine. This super supplement can help your long-term well-being and has many benefits from health to improved athletic function.

CoQ10 is essential for mitochondrial function, remember this from biology class? It's the powerhouse of the cell! Mitochondria are essential for energy generation and life itself. More specifically CoQ10 is needed to make ATP, which is the major energy molecule in our body.

Further based on chemical structure, CoQ10 is also an antioxidant and is believed to protect mitochondria against oxidative damage, aka, free radical damage.

Some organs in our body need lots of energy to perform their function. Our hearts are a good example. Our hearts never rest and need a lot of energy for muscle contraction and blood pumping.  Further, our brains are very active and need a lot of energy to function. Skeletal muscles are also energy dependent, especially when working hard (running, lifting, doing work). Mitochondria make the energy for these very active parts of our body to function at their best. Thus, CoQ10 is essential for heart health, brain health, and muscle work output.

How will this supplement help you go that extra mile? What does CoQ10 actually do for you? CoQ10 helps the mitochondrial function, which may improve overall muscle energy. It’s common for active individuals to use CoQ10 to enhance their exercise performance. Research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition backed these claims. The study found that single serving and 14-day supplementation of the antioxidant resulted in a higher concentration of CoQ10 in the muscles and plasma which correlated with an increased time until exhaustion. In addition, CoQ10 may increase fat burning in mitochondria. This makes common sense. If mitochondria make more ATP then they must burn more fat, because fat is the main fuel for oxidative phosphorylation and ATP generation. So, when looking at the benefits of CoQ10, the answer is pretty obvious once we break it down in those terms.

CoQ10 is naturally manufactured by the human body, but it is important to mention that food sources don’t give our bodies enough CoQ10. Beef heart is the best food source of CoQ10. Sure, that’s not exactly a snack food you might reach for or pack in a lunch, it’s more like something you’d see being roasted over a pit on Game of Thrones. However, this antioxidant can also be found in small doses in liver, whole grains, and fish – including salmon and tuna.

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