Eggs - A Good Source Of Protein

Eggs - A Good Source Of Protein

While whey protein is immensely popular with bodybuilders, athletes, and people looking to gain muscle, there is another source that is seriously overlooked. Behold the glorious egg. Often tossed, rolled, dyed, beaten, scrambled, and rarely praised, its time to give this perfectly complete food some props.

Contained in that fragile little shell is a powerhouse. An egg boasts about 6 grams of lean protein and has all eight amino acids. Each one taps out at only 78 calories, which makes it a low cal and filling way to get your protein. Eggs are also a source of nutrients such as vitamin A, B, E, K, riboflavin, biotin, and folic acid. Its got choline which helps the brain cells, not to mention the added benefits of calcium, zinc, and iron  its like natures Flintstone vitamin.

While egg whites are generally accepted in the diet world, egg yolks get a bad rap for containing around 5 grams of fat. However, according to Body Building, only about 1/5 of that is the kind of fat you dont want (saturated). The rest is fat that is needed to help build bulk. Plus, if you dont eat the yolk, you arent getting all those great nutrients. If you are working out hard, you can afford to consume up one or two yolks a day with up to 15 egg whites, depending on your regimen. For those who worry about cholesterol, according to Livestrong, an egg a day isnt going to hurt you. The American Heart Association approves up to four full eggs per week. Egg whites dont contain cholesterol so you can eat those to your hearts content.  Bottom line, there is no compelling evidence that dietary cholesterol actually affects blood cholesterol that circulates as lipoprotein cholesterol.  Cholesterol is synthesized in the liver and is biosynthesis is stimulated by insulin. Thus high glycemic foods such are sugars and carbohydrates are the culprits that increase blood cholesterol.

When eating eggs, its better to turn up the heat. Take the time to fire up the stove or microwave and make a meal. According to Healthline, you can absorb over 90% of the protein from cooked eggs as opposed to 50% from raw eggs. This is because the process of cooking helps to make the protein more digestible for the body. Rocky may have dropped a few raw eggs down his gullet so he could be the eye of the tiger, but what he didnt tell you is that uncooked eggs may carry salmonella. That kind of poison can knock you out of your weight class and keep you out of the ring.

If a fried egg doesnt jibe with your health regimen, then scrambling some egg whites and a couple yolks with some spinach or fresh vegetables is a great way to start the day. Not a fan of breaking so many eggs to make an omelet? You can get your fix by meal prepping an egg salad that will last all week long, or make some deviled eggs to snack on for when you get back from the gym. Keep eggs in mind for your next protein boost.  They are an easy snack and an effortless meal.

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