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Fish Oil For Pets

Fish Oil For Pets

In a day and age where our dogs are better dressed than we are, it stands to reason that we want them to have the very best nutrition. After all, they are man’s best friend. As dog food is becoming increasingly healthier, organic, and even raw, the focus is on alternative ways to help your canine companion achieve optimal health. We believe that your best friend should have products of the same caliber such as Omega-3. So what is Omega-3? Fish oil for dogs!

Many veterinarians have recommended omega-3 fatty acids for general pet wellness. Veterinarians often recommend fish oils for dogs for all the same reasons we take fish oil and it may help Fido produce a soft luxurious coat that is the envy of the whole dog park.

If you are feline friendly, not to worry, SFH Super Omega-3 Pet Oil is helpful for cats too. Since omega-3s help with skin and coat, the Pet Oil can prevent Fluffy from biting and gnawing at itchy areas caused by dry skin. It also can limit shedding and cut down on the number of hairballs they cough up/you have to clean up, making it obvious that fish oil for cats needs to be in their regiment.

Older pets can greatly benefit from our fish oil for pets as well because the omega-3 and medium chain fatty acid (MCT) combo may enhance energy as evidenced by increased mobility of your pet. The combination of our Pet Oil and the heat from lying in their favorite sunny spot is sure to help with mobility. You may even find that over time they are more active, spend less time laying around, and are even interested in activities they haven’t wanted to do like playing fetch, going outside, or eating your favorite shoes.

SFH Super Omega-3 Pet Oil is made from high-quality oil extracted from fish (sardines, anchovies, and herring) and blended with coconut oil, a source of medium chain triglycerides ( MCTs). Dogs and cats are generally unable to produce enough of the fatty acids EPA and DHA themselves, so our fish oil for pets has the perfect blend to add to their diet. Other brands of oil often have low percentages of EPA and DHA.

Enhancing the wellness of your furry friends with fish oil is not only a way to ensure they maintain a healthy life for years to come, it’s just plain pawsome.

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