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Fish Oil Explained: Liquid vs. Capsule

Fish Oil Explained: Liquid vs. Capsule

You have decided to improve your overall health and boost your omega-3 intake. The question is how do you want it delivered? Capsules can be a hard pill to swallow, but should that be the only reason you reach for a spoonful of your naturally flavored liquid fish oil?


Liquid fish oil goes down a lot more easily. Many liquids have been formulated to be free of that seafood flavor, which makes it a bit more flexible to take on its own. You can also add it to food like a salad or smoothie. Aside from taste, there are a few other reasons you may reach for some liquid gold.

Liquid fish oil  absorbs quickly into your system as it is unimpeded by any coating. Capsules must first dissolve in your stomach or intestine and then be absorbed. Thus there is one added step in the absorption process

In order to keep optimum results with liquid fish oil, it does have to be stored properly so that it doesn’t become rancid. Light, heat, and air can decrease the potency of EPA and DHA and cause side effects like a poor aftertaste. It is best to always close the container after use and keep the liquid fish oil refrigerated after opening.

You also want to take strength into consideration. In addition to absorption, it is important to look at how efficiently the body uses the supplements. With absorption and digestion, you may lose some of the nutrients, but generally, you want to aim for the whole enchilada. According to the Healthy Hearts Club, the body can use 98 percent of nutrients from liquid extract. That number drops to between 39 and 53 percent when ingesting a capsule. Your body works harder to break down the fish oil capsules and reaps less of the benefits. For those of you who aren’t a math whiz, that means you’d have to take twice as many capsules to get the same nutrients as one serving of fish oil. With some brands, you could be taking as many as thirty capsules to get your daily recommended dose of EPA and DHA.


Some still find a pill easier to get down the gullet. In general, capsules are tasteless, odorless, and the serving is easier to determine. If you are still looking for a pill that is chill, you want to find a capsule with enteric coating. SFH has developed a capsule with this layer, which prevents dissolution in the stomach and directs absorption to the small intestine. This process is designed to help improve uptake and integration of omega-3 fats into the cell membrane.  

SFH has you covered, no matter what delivery system you desire. Our Super Omega-3 Fish Oil comes in capsule and liquid form. If concerned about mess or proper dosage, the liquid comes with a pump that makes taking our liquid fish oil easier. One teaspoon provides minimally  2500 mg of EPA and 1000 of DHA. Still a devoted pill popper? With four capsules of SFH Super Omega-3, you’ll be getting 2200 mg of EPA and about 800 mg of DHA. Either way you decide to take your omega-3s, SFH Super Omega Fish Oil is off the hook.

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