Outdoor Exercise Ideas

Outdoor Exercise Ideas

One of the best parts about being human is that we have so much at our fingertips. There’s a great big world we can explore, and the only thing keeping us from doing it is us. Now, if you want to get outside and see what nature has to offer while getting fit, we have the perfect outdoor exercise ideas for you. You won’t need to pay for a gym membership with these workouts, but you’ll still stay on track with your health and workout goals.


It would be negligent of us to ignore one of the best forms of cardio that is out there, and all you need is a good pair of running shoes. Put those shoes on, and get going. Whether you run around your city sidewalks or head to the park to hit the trails, you can get your blood pumping, and see all that nature has to offer.

Stand up paddleboarding.

This is a great way to tone your whole body, without realizing you’re even working out. It’s a fun way to get out on the water during beautiful weather, but be warned it looks easier than it really is. You will be using your core and will be putting a lot of muscles to work all at once.

Hit the bike trail.

Bicycling is a great form of cardio and works your leg muscles too. Grab a group of friends and make an adventure of it. Bonus points if you go mountain biking.


This is the perfect full-body workout during the spring and summertime when the weather has warmed up and you can enjoy all that the sunshine has to offer.


There are many Zumba classes that are offered in local parks and allow you to get a great cardio workout in, while also enjoying the great outdoors.


Go explore your local park and try some of the nature trails. You can hike up to a waterfall or listen to a babbling brook while you explore nature. This will help get you away from daily stressors, which is a good break for you mentally as well.


If you live in a snowy area, then you know how beneficial grabbing a pair of skis can be to your health. It’s a real workout, and it gets you outside in that fresh powder.

Ice skating.

This is a great option for that lake down the road that has frozen over completely. You’ll get that crisp fresh air in your lungs and work your legs and core.

Whether you live near the beach or on a snowy mountain, there are endless outdoor exercise ideas you can try out. Once you find the one you love, it won’t feel like exercise, but instead will just be a fun hobby that keeps you fit as a bonus!

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