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Ahhh, yes, Summertime.

You look forward to what Summer holds all year: beach vacations, family reunions, trips to the lake, and days at the pool.

You work hard throughout the year to improve your health and get your body “beach ready.” All this travel can really throw off nutrition and workout schedules. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

With some proper planning, you can have “no equipment needed” workouts and travel nutrition hacks in your back pocket to keep you on track, feeling fueled, and most importantly, enjoying all the summer festivities.

Some days in the gym, you try to “stretch the box” and really push yourself. Whereas, when traveling, some days it is okay to just “check the box.”

Exercise is meant to be fun, and you still get physical and mental benefits from a workout, even if it is just for maintenance.

Check out our favorite no equipment needed workouts for whatever your summer looks like:

The Beach Workout

First things first, the summer heat is REAL. You must be diligent about staying hydrated.

When traveling take your refillable water bottle and some single serve packets of PUSH pre workout.

PUSH will help you crush this beach workout and give you the electrolytes you need to optimally perform. Plus, you’re not always guaranteed to find good coffee while on the road, so you can also cover your caffeine needs!

This is a great and effective workout to do at the beach:

5 rounds:
⊛10 Push-Ups
⊛40 yd Sprint
⊛10 Squat Jumps
⊛40 yd Sprint

No equipment needed and this workout will not disappoint. Make sure to hit a great warm-up and then march off 40 paces for the sprints. Rotate through the 4 exercises 5 times.

There is nothing wrong with being the “crazy” person working out at the beach.


The Hiking Workout

No vacation is complete without taking in the local scenery while sneaking in some exercise. To be honest, you could just knock out the hike and call it a day.

But why not spice it up a bit and turn your hike into a Ruck?!

Rucking is basically walking with a weighted backpack or rucksack. This has long been a staple in military training as soldiers must carry food, supplies, and water over long distances. This style of exercise has recently gained popularity due to its simplicity, low impact nature, and calorie burning capability!

Load up your backpack with extra water, an SFH PURE Single Serve, and a few heavy items and you’ve got a ruck sack. Just get to walking! Pro tip: 1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds!

If you really want to spice up your Ruck, every 10 minutes knock out 20 lunges and then take off your backpack and perform 15 biceps curls. Then get back to the hike.


The Hotel Workout

Maybe you are not at the beach, or you don’t have a good place to Ruck. Fear not, the trusty Hotel Workout never fails.

Having a couple good hotel workouts prepared ahead of time is a legitimate life hack. If they have a weight room, fantastic, but you should plan for the bare minimum.

Short on time? You just need 15 minutes.

15-Minute AMRAP:
⊛15 Air Squats
⊛15 Chair Triceps Dips
⊛15 Superman + Row
⊛20 Ice Skaters

“AMRAP” is a CrossFit term meaning as many reps as possible. So, you set your timer for 15 minutes and do as many rounds as you can with proper form of the 4 exercises listed above.

When you complete the workout, note how many reps and rounds you got in your phone, so you can do the workout in the future. When you repeat the workout in the future, try to beat your previous score.

Short, sweet, simple, and you’ll break a sweat and get the endorphins kicking! The fun with AMRAPs is that they keep you on task. If you have 10 minutes, set your timer for 10 minutes. If you have 30 minutes and are feeling motivated, go for 30 minutes. Regardless of how much time you have available, you can squeeze in a quick and effective workout.


The Pool Workout

Pool workouts are fun because they can be “stop and go.” Remember, you’re at the pool to relax and enjoy yourself, so make this fun and low stress.

Lounge around, play with family and friends, and when the opportunity presents itself, knock out some reps.

5 -10 Sets:
⊛5 Pool Deck “Muscle-Ups”
⊛10 Pause Squats
⊛20 Alt Arm/ Leg Plank

Pro tip: for the Pool Deck “Muscle-Ups,” the deeper water you stand in, the more difficult you make the exercise.

Here is how the workout works: when you have a free moment and feel motivated, knock out one round of the three exercises. Rest as needed, lounge, play a bit, and then perform another round. Rest and repeat as you want!

Give yourself the freedom to knock as few (or as many) sets as you want. 3 sets during your time at the pool? Fantastic! 11 sets? Great. Just have fun with it!

Post workout, grab a single serve packet of SFH Vanilla RECOVER, mix it with 8 ounces of orange juice, and you have a pool worthy, protein packed snack.

Ideally, put one of those little paper umbrellas in your protein shake for optimal results. Having a plan while you are traveling and vacationing is a game changer.

Your schedule will be a bit off and that’s okay. These workouts are for fun, to keep you active, and most importantly for the mental health benefits.It can be stressful to try to research a place to workout while on the road, so planning ahead of time and having these workouts saved for later will ease your mind.

SFH single serve options will also help keep your nutrition and hydration on point as well.

Lastly, remember, it’s Summer, you can work hard and play hard!