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Stay Fit On The Road While You Travel

Stay Fit On The Road While You Travel

Whether you hit the road for a much-needed vacay, or you are racking up the frequent flier miles for your job, there is no doubt that it can be tough to stick to your health regimen and stay fit while you are away from home sweet home. Here are a few tips for staying healthy when you’re trailblazing no matter how long the voyage.

Eat well.

Whether you consider yourself a top chef or someone who does the very least to maintain a healthy diet when you leave town you leave your kitchen behind. The inability to prepare your own meals will hamper eating the way you normally do. Of course, if you are “on vacation” that is often a euphemism for throwing caution to the wind and indulging in your favorites, whether that be chilled margaritas or chocolate mousse. There are some simple ways to help you keep on track and limit the damage. If you are on a long car trip, pack some healthy snacks so you can drive past those drive-thrus and skip the gas station gut-busters. Some alternative refreshments are nuts, cut vegetables and fruits, and bottled water, which will be great to store in your hotel fridge later on.  You will be grateful for it in the morning post coffee or alcohol binge when you are feeling particularly dehydrated.

Of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It can be difficult to stick to the program when you are dining out in restaurants with fabulous cuisine. It’s not uncommon to want to cheat here and there. You should be able to enjoy your trip and spoil your taste buds while still keeping it on the healthy side. Check the menu for grilled or roasted entrees instead of fried and ask for sauces on the side. Opt for the hotel continental breakfast to keep it light with oatmeal and fruit rather than loading up with biscuits and gravy or pancakes. If you eat a bit too much or too extravagantly, walk back to the hotel to work off the extra calories. Just remember to keep walking when you pass those vending machines on your way back to your room.

Get creative.

Sometimes there is no gym is available, so make one. Some hotels have fitness classes like Pilates and yoga available through their On Demand TV service. Or use your computer to stream a class with your favorite cyber teacher. You can use tables and chairs for dips and pull-ups. Push-ups, planks, squats, and burpees are available to you 24/7 if you have a small space in your room. Packing a jump rope takes up no space in your bag. You can even use your luggage as weights or invest in some water weights – they pack flat and become heavy when you add water to them at your destination. If there is a pool, by all means, take advantage of it.

Use your wanderlust.

There are other ways to get a workout in than sweating it out at the hotel gym. You can go for a run in the area you are staying and scope out the local haunts. Or get lost. Make it a point to take long walks when sightseeing instead of guided bus tours.  A beach vacation makes the perfect place for a morning jog on the sand or an afternoon swim in the surf. Watersports, paddle boarding, surfing, and scuba diving are fun ways to get physical. If you are near the mountains, a vigorous hike is a great way to get your heart rate up and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view. Rent a bike with your companion and ride around the city.  What if you are stuck in transit? A layover is a perfect opportunity to walk those long gate corridors while you wait for them to fix the plane. If shopping is your cardio, you can still get a power walk in at the mall and do some stairs there instead of taking the elevator.\

Pack it in.

Bring what you need on your journey to keep yourself moving and motivated. A pair of sneakers, your fitness tracker, resistance bands, your running or yoga clothes – all of those things will stare up at you from your suitcase and demand to be used. It is very tempting to sleep in while you are globetrotting. Getting enough rest is good for both your body emotional well-being. However, there is something to be said for getting up early. If you are able to fit in a workout, you will be energized and ready to see all the sights. At first, it may seem like a drag to exercise when your bed is calling, but you will be happy you did it. You will be motivated, feel better, and be ready for wherever the road may take you.

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