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Traveling With Protein Powder

Traveling With Protein Powder

Traveling can be brutal on your diet and exercise goals, especially if you’re going to be living in a hotel for a while. Depending on the hotel, you may have a kitchenette area, but more than likely you just have a coffee maker, mini-fridge, and perhaps a microwave. To help ensure that you stay on track with your diet and exercise goals, we have some tips for traveling with protein powder, which is the perfect thing to add in to a variety of drinks for an extra boost.

One way to travel with protein powder is to bring the bag with you and a scoop for measuring. It’s not the easiest way, but if you’re traveling for an extended period of time, it’s definitely an option.

Even easier than that, especially for those shorter trips where you can count out the days, you can just purchase our single serve protein powder packets. We have a variety of flavors and types to choose from, that way you choose the one you are used to taking every day. These are exceedingly convenient for travel in the fact that they are small packets that can easily be put into a carry-on bag or in your suitcase. No measuring or scooping devices are needed, as everything is already pre-measured and ready to go.

Pack single packets yourself. Taking plastic bags or small plastic containers, you could pre-pack single servings of your favorite protein powder before your trip. This is easiest when you are only going to be gone a day or two, and usually are home and able to use the protein powder as normal.

Traveling with protein powder doesn’t have to be complicated, there are little ways to make it easier, including our handy single serve packets. We offer a variety of those to choose from, so you can find the best option for your lifestyle.

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