Exercises To Do With Kids

Exercises To Do With Kids

For the busy mom who is always on the go, it can be hard to find enough time to exercise, especially when your kids want to do everything that you do. Luckily, we’ve got you covered, and if you need some workout time, we have the perfect exercises to do with your kids. Starting them on this fitness journey while young is never a bad thing. These are simple exercises that will tone for you and let them feel like they’re all grown up working out with mom.


Planking is easy enough that your kids can do it, and you will definitely feel the burn in your arms and in your core. Just make sure to keep your back straight, and slowly increase the amount of time spent in plank position.


While we may not all enjoy crunches, kids especially find this fun, so even if they decide to start doing them their own method, you’ll be able to get a quick ab workout in, without hearing your child say that he or she is bored.


Tone your legs and make it a game with your child. Play on their active imaginations and set the bar high for yourself with some alternating leg lunges.

Bike riding

Getting out and in the fresh air is great, especially if you can get some exercise and get some mommy/child bonding time in as well. Bike to the local park or just around the neighborhood for a fun exercise that both of you will enjoy.

Ice skating

Who doesn’t like to go ice skating? This is a great workout that can be done in the middle of summer if you have an indoor rink near you. Bundle up the kids, and get ready for a fun afternoon spent learning new tricks and enjoying a bit of cooler weather.

It may seem like you’re struggling to come up with exercises to do with your kids, but it’s really easier than you’d think. Even challenging your child to a rigorous game of HORSE can get your blood pumping and bring out the competitive side of your kids.

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