Fitness Apps To Know

Fitness Apps To Know

When you are training to be the best version of yourself, sometimes you need something that can help you along the way. Many times, we forget that the technology we have on us at all times, cell phones anyone, is actually tech that we can use to help us with our workouts. To make life easier on you, we pulled a list of fitness apps you should know. These apps help with a variety of workouts, from cardio to yoga to strength training.

These fitness apps you should know will revolutionize how you work out each day and offer some much-needed variety if you find yourself in a workout rut.

Shock. Created by SFH Ambassador Hayden Steele built for women to give them a new way to tone up and build muscle. You’ll never get bored with the different upper body, lower body, full body, cardio, and challenges! There are four training levels and over 550 workouts that are customized to your training goals.

Sworkit. This is an app that allows you to choose the proper workout you want, how much time you have, and it then gives you moves to complete for that amount of time and the workout you are wanting. It has plenty of variety from cardio to stretching and is free.

Aaptiv. This is a great app if you are searching for certain fitness classes, but can’t find any that interest you in your area. For $10 a month, enjoy hundreds of virtual classes that have a varying level of difficulty as well as various activities.

Sweat. This app has it all, workouts, in-app challenges, meal plan templates, and it’s super easy to use, plus it’s free. So get your sweat on!

PEAR. This app is a personal coach with interactive audio workouts for all fitness levels.

Map My Run. If you are growing bored with running the same area every time, try this app out! It will pull a variety of different running maps you can take, and help you to switch up your routine.

Six Pack in 30 Days. With summer on its way, we all want to have those perfect six packs for beach days. With this app, you don’t need any equipment, and it will help you get those perfect abs.

Any of these apps are great starting points if you’ve hit a wall with your workouts or just need a break from the gym. Either way, these will keep up your workouts, and give you a change of pace.

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