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Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Bed

Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Bed

We’re all guilty of wanting that quick snack before heading to bed. In general, you shouldn’t eat food later than 2 to 3 hours before you head to bed, which isn’t always easy with busy schedules. We know, sometimes you just don’t have a choice but to sit down to a later dinner, and with that meeting first thing in the morning, you really can’t wait 3 hours to hit the hay. While this isn’t the worst once in a while, it is important to try to limit those nights of late dinners. Now, even with those limitations in place, there are several foods you shouldn’t eat before bed.

You probably already knew what would make the first in our list of several foods you shouldn’t eat before bed, but just in case, here you go.

  1. Coffee. You’ll need to give yourself 6 hours to get the caffeine through your system, so having a cup of coffee with dessert is a terrible idea for your sleep schedule, unless it’s decaf. However, it’s also an acidic drink, and you need to be upright to have good digestion, so having a cup of coffee and lying down is not the best for your digestive system.
  2. Avoid those processed sugars. You know what we mean, those sugary cereals, that piece of cake that’s calling your name, cookies, ice cream, anything sweet and full of sugar is going to cause a spike in blood sugar, and make you wake up. So just avoid that siren call, and get yourself to bed.
  3. Spicy foods. That burrito may have seemed like a good idea, but when you’re lying awake with heartburn, you’ll probably wish you had gone with a healthier option. Anything with too much spice or zest can be problematic for people, and can prevent you from falling asleep or cause you to wake up a couple of hours later.
  4. Soda. Skip the sugary drink and opt for a cup of herbal tea or water instead. These are full of caffeine, sugar, and bubbles, all of which will wake you up or keep you from going to bed at a reasonable time.
  5. Burgers. They may sound great for a late-night snack, but they are in reality, a terrible idea. Your digestive system has to work extra hard, which will keep you awake or cause you to wake up on and off after drifting off.

This is by no means the complete list of foods you shouldn’t eat before bed, but it is a great start, and gives a great idea of what options to avoid if you have to have a later dinner. Opt for a lighter meal like a salad, and if you are craving something sweet, an apple is a great choice, without any of the sugar side effects.

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