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How To Eat For Muscle Recovery According To Chef Ryan Lopez

How To Eat For Muscle Recovery According To Chef Ryan Lopez

There’s more to muscle recovery than eating grilled chicken and ice baths. Your diet plays the most sufficient role in how quickly your body will recover and get back to 100 AND 10 percent. Once you start perceiving your body as a machine you’ll start to see food as the fuel.

Let’s look at some foods that will help you with your recovery.

For example, salmon is a protein you can benefit from because it’s a high source of protein and omega 3 fats which may help you reduce your inflammation.

Proteins and omega 3 fats are going to do the bulk of the work in recovery but remember that having a well-balanced diet will speed recovery much faster. 

To help reduce with muscle cramps and speed recovery look at adding electrolytes into your daily meal plan. Things like bananas, coconut water and watermelon will all play a role in speeding up your recovery and preventing muscle cramps. 

Some examples of what these meals might look like are:

Breakfast: Yogurt with blueberries and slice of melon 

Lunch: Grill salmon with ginger brown rice and sautéed spinach 

Snack: Banana, coconut water or tart cherry juice and water melon 

Dinner: Kale summer salad with toasted almonds, strawberries, feta and grilled chicken 


Nutrition starts with food. In the moments where your diet isn’t coming full circle, supplements can play an integral role to help you meet your needs. SFH Super Omega 3 Oil and clean line of whey proteins can help you on your way to muscle recovery.

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