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Types Of Tea And Various Ailments They Help

Types Of Tea And Various Ailments They Help

Have you ever heard someone say, “have a cup of tea and you’ll feel better”? There are many reasons that this is a very true statement. For one, a cup of tea is a warming drink, which often offers soothing qualities in itself. In other cases though, the type of tea brewed could be made specifically to help with an ailment or illness. We’ve pulled together a list of different types of tea and how they help, so you can brew the perfect cup next time things aren’t feeling quite right with your body.

Before diving into the different types of tea and how they help, first, we must clarify how many different types there are. In total, there are generally ten categories of tea and different options that fall underneath those. The ten categories are as follows: white, green, oolong, black, Pu-Erh, yerba mate, rooibos, mint, chamomile, and loose.

WHITE TEA: this is considered a very fresh tea leaf, as there is no oxidation process for it to go through. White teas have catechins, which are believed to provide anti-oxidant and anti-microbial, which translates to very healthy for your body. This tea may help protect against the flu, infections, acne, and even lower blood pressure. This tea has been reported to be good for concentration, as well as relaxation.

GREEN TEA: well known for its antioxidant properties, as well as having a good amount of caffeine, this tea is believed to be very beneficial in fighting illness. In fact, green tea has been used for thousands of years to treat many health issues.

OOLONG TEA: this tea is in-between black and green tea, and because of that, it has the health benefits of both. It has a full range of antioxidants and is believed to help with your kidneys and spleen health. It also has been reported to help weight loss.

BLACK TEA: this has the highest caffeine level in all of the teas, making it perfect for fighting fatigue, raising energy levels, and even relieving headaches. It is also full of several essential vitamins, and can even be applied topically to cuts, bruises, burns, and even sunburns for quick relief.

PUERH TEA: this tea is commonly used for detoxing the body and aiding in digestion. Studies also suggest that drinking 5-8 cups a day can reduce cholesterol, and it is considered one of the best hangover cures.

YERBA MATE: rejuvenate and energize with this tea. It will also help break down fat, so if you are trying to lose some weight, this may be a great option to add to your daily menu.

ROOIBOS TEA: indigenous to South Africa, this tea is completely caffeine-free making it a great option for someone who wants to unwind. It contains many essential minerals which may help to maintain healthy skin, teeth, and bones, as well as contains many antioxidants.

MINT TEA: mint is known to help relieve stomach issues. Whether you are suffering from a stomachache after eating or having issues with menstrual cramps or even asthma, this tea can be beneficial, especially if you breathe in the rich scent.

CHAMOMILE TEA: generally known for relaxation, you may want to brew up a cup of chamomile tea if you are struggling with falling asleep or winding down after a long day. It has no caffeine and research has even shown it may be beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, ulcers, stomach flues, and more.

LOOSE TEA: this is a tea that does not come in a bag, so technically it could be any of the above categories. The difference between loose tea and those in a bag is that it typically has more antioxidants. Tea bags sometimes are just filled with the tea “dust” meaning you get the taste, but fewer benefits.

There are so many different types of tea and related health benefits. Try a couple out, and see if they offer any improvement to your overall health and wellness.

All of the above-mentioned health benefits are what the lay literature will tell us.  However, we must be mindful that not of these claims have been clinically proven through rigorous, well-controlled studies.  What we know is that assuming no pesticides, these teas are generally safe and can help you relax.

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