Improving Circulation

Improving Circulation

Leading a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in many ways. Many people are finding that they do not have healthy blood flow or circulation, which can negatively affect their health. Luckily, there are several ways to increase your circulation naturally which will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve your overall health.

Eat your greens.

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to improve your circulation is with vitamin B, which is found in leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale. Iron also helps, and is available in leafy greens as well.

Control your stress.

We all already know that stress kills, but you may not know just how bad it is for your circulation. When you are in a constant state of stress, your blood vessels are constricted, decreasing the blood flow, and possibly causing poor circulation. If you can learn to manage your stress, you may find that your circulation improves. 


It had to be on this list somewhere because it is so good for you. A strong healthy heart, which means a good dose of cardio each day, helps you to get your blood flowing, and keep it flowing, even when you’re not in the middle of an intense cardio session. 

Drink more water.

Generally, most people are dehydrated, which makes it difficult for your blood to circulate properly, as it has a very high water content. So if you want to see improved circulation, try to increase how much water you drink. While the perfect amount may vary per person, keep in mind that around 8 glasses of water a day is necessary, not counting if you work out or are out in higher temperatures and losing extra water in sweat. 

Get a massage.

You no longer need a good excuse for a spa day. Massages help with stress management and circulation, making them a great treatment for poor blood circulation. Sit back, relax, and let a professional take all of your cares away for an hour or so.  

Elevate your legs.

Try to elevate your legs above your heart for 20 minutes a day to see improved circulation. You’ll also allow your veins to drain, which is always beneficial to your health.


You need to stretch before and after a good workout anyway, and it turns out it helps to increase blood flow to tissues and organs as well. Whether you are working on your flexibility or just prefer a quick stretch each morning and night, you’ll find an increase in your circulation.

Start with some of these easy tips, and slowly implement them into your lifestyle to help increase your circulation naturally. You may find that you have warmer hands and feet, as well as a healthier lifestyle after a couple of months of using these tips.

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