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Walking Is The Best Exercise

Walking Is The Best Exercise

Taking a long stroll each evening is good for more than just getting out of the house for a bit. In fact, many celebrity trainers and fitness gurus create their workouts around walking, which says a lot about the benefits of this cardio exercise. Walking is the best exercise in the number of benefits it gives you. Yes, it’s even on the same level as running, you just have to devote more time to it than running. Luckily, with all the benefits of it, you’ll be heading out for a morning and evening walk in no time.

Walking is the best exercise because of several factors:

Lowers blood pressure. This one is big, especially in today’s go, go, go society, where stress is mounting every day. You’ll get some fresh air, lower your blood pressure, which in turn lowers your risk of cardiac issues, and be able to enjoy some time relaxing.

Prevents diabetes. That’s right, walking helps to regulate those blood sugar levels, which will keep your insulin levels low. The best part? All you need is a 15-minute walk after every meal. 45 minutes of your day is easy enough to walk.

Just about anyone can do it. This is a great exercise for those who are obese and need to ease into exercise, pregnant women, those with chronic illness, etc. It’s gentle on your joints, and while it does give you benefits of cardio, it won’t push your heart too soon.

Enjoy more sleep. Exercise, in general, helps you to sleep better, but walking especially helps to recalibrate melatonin, so you’ll feel sleepy.

Protect against anxiety and depression. Endorphins make you happy, and walking gives you endorphins! Bring those endorphins up and improve your mood easily.

It’s cheap. You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership, all you need is a pair of sneakers, and the great outdoors.

Improve circulation. Any exercise that gets the blood pumping is going to increase your circulation, and walking is no exception.

While the health benefits outlined above seem obvious, remember they have not been proven in well-controlled clinical trials. That said, we believe that exercise in any form, is the best non –drug, drug and should be apart of your daily schedule.

While you may still want to include some running or biking in your exercise routine, you should definitely not be afraid to mix things up and add walking in a couple of times a week. Add this to your regular exercise or in place of, and enjoy the health benefits it brings.

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