Refreshing Summer Revive Popsicles

Refreshing Summer Revive Popsicles

We are in the thick of summer and climbing temperatures has many of us hot and bothered. When you want some relief from the sweltering weather without veering too far off your eating plan, you can count on SFH to serve up some sweet treats to help beat the heat. In place of sugar laden Otter pops and ices you would find in the grocery aisle or your local Ice Cream man’s little white truck, we have whipped up our very own no-guilt versions: Revive Popsicles!

Not only will you be getting a cool refreshing dessert, but all the benefits of revive which include a boost of energy and is healthy for your brain and heart.

1 scoop of Revive (Mojito or Citrus Punch)
1 can of coconut cream
Blend, pour into molds, freeze and enjoy!

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