Keep powders and pills in place with or without the bottle. With the blender bottle Prostak at the ready, this is a concern of the past. The ProStak's unique interlocking jars have individual lids, making it possible to carry pre and post-workout supplements and snacks, even without bringing the bottle.

100% Leak Proof

With the Prostak blender bottle, you get a great solution for this every day need with a few important details. You want to drink your shake, not wear it. The ProStak's screw-on lid and SureSeal flip cap keep your shake where it belongs. With a snug twist of the lid and the assuring snap of the flip cap, you're ready for some serious shaking.

Patented BlenderBall Wire Whisk

Try as they might, mesh grates and plastic gimmicks inside other shaker cups simply can't compete. The BlenderBall wire whisk delivers lump-free protein for a drink that always goes down smooth and delicious the way it was intended.

When you need an option that is easy to use and offers the results you deserve, this is a no-brainer. It is also easy to care for and offers an attractive appearance. Made in a shape to provide ample grip, this option also lists the ounces on the outside, so you can easily mix it all up the way you prefer with absolute ease. Add this great go-to to your gear today!