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Push - Fruit Punch 540g bag

SFH has reformulated a fan-favorite product to be available at a more affordable price, while still maintaining a level of quality that our products are known for by using the best ingredients available.

Our reformulation has allowed us to rectify some out of stock issues from a problem ingredient, quercetin. This ingredient was testing erratically and experiencing some supply chain issues, which ultimately lead to out of stock issues. That’s not fun for anyone! Another change you’ll see is a swap of coconut water powder for balanced electrolytes.

All of these changes allowed us to lower the price $5 while still providing the ultimate all-encompassing pre-workout.

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Recover while you workout with our all-encompassing formula to help increase energy, strength, and endurance.

  • Motivation - Caffeine (equivalent to 10oz of coffee) paired with B vitamins provide immediate energy and focus. Beta-Alanine motivates while buffering lactic acid. Some people may experience tingling and/or itching.*
  • Muscle Protection - Glycine supports BCAAs to spare muscles from breakdown, fatigue, and soreness.*
  • Hydration - Balanced electrolytes help you stay hydrated and maintain optimum performance.*
  • Nitric Oxide Support - Citrulline has been reported to drive oxygen to muscles by enhancing blood flow to combat muscle soreness and fatigue.*

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